Giuliani says public has only seen small fraction of what’s on Hunter Biden hard drive

I have the entire hard drive and the New York Post has only published about five percent of it,” Giuliani told Newsmax TV host Alex Salvi this week.

It seems that people are being banned from Twitter for even discussing Hunter Biden. So what is on this hard drive that no one is supposed to discuss.?


Porn and drug abuse. NPR is reporting that attacks on Hunter’s drug abuse "disorder…deepens stigma for millions.

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This is more than drug addiction, isn’t it?

I also read that Joe Biden’s two brothers both benefitted from Biden being in office.

This family has done quite well financially. Joe Biden is worth 17 million which is not bad for a US senator.

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As if drug and porn use shouldn’t come with a stigma?

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In 2008, his last year as a Senator, Joe Biden had a net worth of ~24k, 400k assets with 360k liabilities. Open Secrets

Most of his earnings have come from books and speeches after he left the Vice-Presidency.

As to his brothers, let’s all remember Billy Beer, Ron Reagan’s Freedom From Religion Foundation, to name just two examples of questionable use of the Family name by relatives.

Yes they have come from book deals and speeching engangements but still Joe Biden is currently worth 17 million,

I am not going to discount Carters brother Billy but that was a long time ago. Joe Biden borthers both got swettheart deals and they brought accumulated wealth because and mainly because they were brothers of Joe Biden.

They got deals you and I could never get. This is not uncommon in congress. Close relatives often make out well.

And they are usually beyond the control of the control of the politicians. Not alwayys, but usually.

Biden has earned millions as an author and speaker in the last 4 years. That is not unusual for congressmen. It is not remuneration from his time in public office, nor does he seem to have accrued much while in office. I am not sure what your point is.


Joe Biden has earned 17 million mostly in the last 4 years but still he has acquired wealth. His two brothers have also gotten sweetheart deals.

Joe Biden’s two brothers have both made out well. This is not uncommon. Not to delve into Harry Reid but his family made out quite well on land deals in the west.

James Biden joined Hillstone corp as executive vice president Hillstone has gotten many contracts during the Obama Biden period,

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What’s. the. point?

People who are famous write books and give speeches and make money. People around famous people trade in on their relationship with said famous person.

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The point is no one objects to Joe Biden doing speeches or writing a book. He made 17 million so far doing so. They do object to getting sweetheart deals for Joe Biden’s brother and for good reason.

If you are a businessman and put in a bid for a billion dollar contracts, you want to feel you get a fair shot and that the contract does not go to a firm because Joe Biden’s brother Jim is the executive vice president of a member of the board.

It even gets worse if it is a foreign company and your son is employed or on the board.

I think that Giuliani, Breitbart and their ilk share one view: You can make all sorts of political charges in October and some will believe them. It doesn’t really matter if the charges are accurate or not because some voters will believe the allegations. By the time they are refuted, the election will be past.

Now, view some of Trump’s latest rhetoric through that prism: Charges that Biden will kill the suburbs, raise the price of prescription drugs, etc.

It matters in the courts. Guilani is a lawyer and he could be disbarred and sued for passing out false information. The election is only 16 days away, hardly believe this information will make much of a dent but still it should not be squashed. by social media

Or my favorite (for sheer lunacy) - that Osama bin Laden’s assassination was staged.

Did Guiliani say that? I doubt he would say such a thing after he handled 9/11 with great integrity.

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No, that’s not accurate at all. You have a citation of any lawyer being disciplined for disseminating false rumors outside of a court setting?

Lawyers can’t be sued during trial case but they can be sued just like you or I for making deflamation or slander against someone. Laws do not just apply to a few.

Disbarment and/or professional discipline is far different than a civil suit. Giuliani cannot face professional discipline for disseminating silly rumors. You stated he could be disbarred – that’s wrong.

Plus, there are only a few circumstances under which a national figure could win a libel suit.

The upshot of the whole situation is that Giuliani is free to fling about whatever type of charge he wishes to make, fair or unfair, without much fear of retribution.

No, I was talking about the president’s tweets.

This has nothing to do with Giuliani. The president tweets many, many things some to gall people.

There are three computers with emails and the Senate has done an 87 page report of Hunter Biden dealings with the Ukraine and China.

trump does overstate but there is a basis of truth to his message. the zoning changes being made by democrats in the suburbs will reduce home prices, which is, IMHO, the intent.

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