Give life to Christ?!?!?


I recently watched a testimonial on facebook. This was about a lady that FOUND a good relationship with Jesus, precisely she said: I gave my life to Christ.

For long I have wanted to get closer to God. To have a true, sincere, rooted, heartly relationship with Jesus. I know that the journey is not easy… IT’S VEEERRRYYYY HHAAARRDD. But I want to make sure I am doing it right! I have a very secular tendencies…

So can you help me by suggesting what I can do, how I can do…

PS. I have gone to a spiritual direction, I read the bible (trying to do it a regularly), say some prayers.


The thing is to keep trying. If you stumble and fall, immediately ask for God’s forgiveness, get back up and continue on. We are called to “be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect.” But we can’t achieve that overnight, nor by ourselves. That’s why we have places like this forum. We can encourage one another along the way.

The way that worked for me best seems to be the Consecration to Jesus through Mary. Others have made a special Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Church has provided many ways to deepen our faith life, and what works for some, doesn’t work for others. I had joined a Third Order Secular Order years ago, but there are none near me now, so I felt this Consecration to Jesus through Mary would help me a lot. It is a 33 day journey of faith. The original book for it, written by St. Louis de Montfort, is in rather antique language, but I found a simpler version written by a Priest, which combines the original by de Montfort (in more modern English) with prayers and writings by Bl. John Paul II, who also made this Consecration when he was a young man. Each person finds the way that works best for them, and none is “better” than any other, so long as the means leads to Jesus.

Try praying the rosary :)! Blessed Virgin Mary has helped me so much!!

Just to add to that, I encountered Christ through Eucharistic adoration. My advice would be to bring yourself closer to the sacraments provided by our Church. And don’t worry, Jesus will never let go of you!

God has given us many ways to draw close to Him, and to draw strength from Him.

We have the Mass…an infinite source of grace, and path to friendship with God
We have Mary, his Mother, and through His gift to us, Our Mother too.
We have devotions, The Rosary
We have Saints for intercession…friends of God, and our friends, made available to us ANYTIME we need by the love of God.

Prayer, the Sacraments, His Word.

We have spiritual reading.
The morning offering
The daily examination of conscience ( a few minutes, checking on how we are doing).

All of these generous things, and more, are all ways to grow in unity with Him.

And offerings too…tough moments offered up to God with a sporting spirit.

The goal is holiness…the universal call to holiness.

So we spread these approaches to God across the day like telephone poles holding up a wire. We space them out evenly, naturally throughout the day, so that our line doesn’t sag…so we don’t draw away from Him!

Remember our relationship with God is a love affair. We put happy effort into a love affair…we surprise the person we love with little chatter, and gifts, or offerings. Ordinary things, and occasionally extraordinary ones too.

God is our Father, but He is also our great friend.

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