Give me 3 things to do instead of crying in self-pity!


There was a post a few years back like this, but a lot of it was directed toward women, suggestions like take a long hot bubble bath, get a massage, buy a new dress, etc. What about for guys? I’m 27, going through depression, but I need a list of things to do when I start feeling sorry for myself which unfortunately happens way too often. Here we go:

  1. Hang out with one of your buddies for the next World Cup game
  2. Buy yourself some new work out clothes and go lifting
  3. Go to church and spend some time reflecting with a spiritual work

Thanks everyone!!


The best remedy for depression for me (I struggled with it throughout my teenage years) is:

  1. Hanging out with friends
  2. Working out (I’d say if you workout at least 4 times a week, you’ll def notice a difference in your mood)
  3. Reading a book about people you admire


First two reasons are the same, lol


For men or for women:

  1. Pray
  2. Help a neighbor: mow an elderly person's grass volunteer to deliver meals teach reading visit people in a nursing home or prison


In not in any particular order. These are things I find myself mostly doing (almost automatically even) when in a bad mood.

  1. Hang out with friends. (Common option but really helps)
  2. Express it in either writing or art. (Yeah I’m an emo writer. Don’t like it? Don’t care. BP)
  3. Blow it out with adrenalin (in my case, I spend a good deal of time gaming till I get my head back on straight).


If you are able to judge that the “blues” are not going away, go to your doctor and explain your depression. You might need meds.

Women who have babies which should be a joyous time find themselves suffering from post-partum depression. They know it makes no sense because they should be happy.

Sometimes depression can be like a wave that comes out of nowhere and suddenly you’re very sad and lonely when just a minute ago you were perfectly happy.

In the meantime, stay away from depressing news, sad and violent movies. Seek laughter, do exercise, and get out of the house.


1 Pray
2 Adoration
3 Offer it up

Sorry there all spiritual but thouse are probably the best things to do if you don’t want to feel down

  1. Get a whole piece of paper … 8 1/2 x 11 … and write the word “SMILE” on it.

Tape the sign you just made to the wall or to your mirror.

Now: Stand up, pull your shoulders all the way back and SMILE. Force it. Show teeth. Keep it on as long as possible. Smile as often as possible during the day.

Do it now. Right now. As quickly as possible.

  1. March around your apartment or house and swing your arms around.

MARCH; don’t walk. Exaggerate the movements. Be as silly and goofy as possible. You can’t be depressed if you are being silly.

If you go for a walk outside, walk as fast as you can and take as long strides as possible. If you lower your frame a bit, you can actually take four foot strides. Practice taking VERY long strides. Gradually build up your endurance. Start with striding from one telephone pole to another and then slow slightly to the next telephone pole, then maximize your stride to the next one. Every other one is a max stride as fast as possible. Increase the distance each time you go out.

  1. Everywhere you go, imagine that you OWN the place. Make up a list of improvements you will make to the area as soon as you win the lottery. New curbs and sidewalks. Paint that decrepit building.

Instead of complaining about the lack of cashiers at the big box store, visualize how you will change things after you buy the store.

  1. Go to the library and read memoirs of heroic people. Autobiographies. You will find them in the 940 section. That is the history section, but you want memoirs.

Not books written about these people, but books written BY them.

They are the survivors. People whose positive mental attitude got them through terrible situations. They overcame adversity. What separates the people who wrote the books from those who died? Positive thinking. Learn how to do that from their examples.

  1. While you are at the library, get a copy of “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale.

  2. Consider that 16 year old girl who sailed solo halfway around the world. Most people cannot sail solo halfway around a lake. She got the skills and prepared herself. Listen to her talk. She is positive. Visualize being her.

Read up on all the people who have paddled a canoe solo across the Atlantic. There are plenty of solo sailors who have gone around the world. Look them up and read their books and articles. Visualize developing a sense of self-reliance. Read the book, “Kon Tike” about Thor Heyerdahl and his sailing across the Pacific.

When I was a 16-year old kid, my parents were so overprotective I was not even allowed to ride my bicycle off the block. So I left home as soon as I could and hitchhiked around the world. I just took advantage of opportunities as they revealed themselves to me. By avoiding alcohol-based stupidity, I was able prepare for emergencies and develop a sense of flexibility.

  1. If you have some money, get a subscription to Guideposts Magazine. It is filled with inspirational stories of people who overcame adversity.


Hi! I too have suffered from depression. Please see a doctor if you haven't already. Depression can't be overcome through force of will (at least for most people). If you are being treated already, here are some things that helped me on really "blue" days.

  1. Be with friends. Pick your funniest buddy, go out for a beer. Even if you don't feel like going, force yourself to go. Once you get there, you'll be glad.

  2. Make sure you shower and dress every day. Make sure you have some nice clothes to wear, get your haircut regularly. I think the more you "Let yourself go" and stay in your PJs unshaven, the worse you feel!

  3. Do something productive every day, and get out of the house every day. Even if it means going to the drug store for just 1 item.

  4. Fresh air & exercise. Go out for a walk, a hike, a bike ride. Get those endorphins going. I recommend this over the gym, I think the fresh air, sunshine & nature helps.

  5. Confide in at least 1 friend/family member about your struggle, and give that person a call when you're having a bad day. It helps just knowing that people care.

  6. Pray.

Good luck, God bless, I hope you are feeling better really soon!


When you watch the news on television, visualize how EVERY single story is fake. That behind every story there is a public relations person.

Visualize how you would fake the story.

You can very quickly laugh yourself to death, visualizing how you would stage these things for maximum effect.


Plan a trip around the world.

Collect the maps.

Work out which cities you would visit.

The library is filled with travel books. You don’t need to spend a dime.

[Don’t watch television. The screen gives off some kind of alpha waves or whatever that cause depression. And the commercials are just too annoying.]

Walk to the library and take out a bunch of travel books.

Write down where you would go.

If you have a few dollars, buy a world map. Memorize all the countries.

Use push pins and string to plan your trip.


Get a large garbage bag and when you go for a walk, pick up trash and fill up the bag.

Major accomplishment! Ridding the world of all that trash.


Apparently getting your haircut (or re-styled) is the most effective way to feel better about yourself.

You could try join a social club and meet some new people.

I think for me though, cooking is a great way of feeling better. There's nothing like getting out the Weber, throwing on a nice juicy sirloin or rib-eye and cracking open a frosty beer. :cool:

  1. service to the Church
  2. service to God’s poor
  3. service to your community

Buy yourself some new work out clothes and go lifting

in think in girlie-speak this is the same thing as buy a new pair of shoes and find a place to show them off

what is the guy equivalent of cleaning out a closet or the kitchen junk drawer? cleaning an engine?

Women who have babies which should be a joyous time find themselves suffering from post-partum depression. They know it makes no sense because they should be happy.

seriously I have actually known men who have PPD or at least an emotional letdown, especially after the wife gives birth to a first child or child of a problem pregnancy, any body who can relate?


People watch.

Sit in the park, or get a coffee and just watch the way people walk and interact. Study them.

Watch how people mount a curb. Or step down from a curb.

Or the space between people as they walk.

Absolutely fascinating.

When you are "outside yourself", observing others, it is very difficult to be down in the dumps.

And, best of all, it's free! No credit cards. No ATM. The world's best entertainment. And you get some fresh air at the same time.

One day I was on a business trip to a large city and happened to observe a street mime. He was in clown makeup and he would mimic the way people walked.

He would walk alongside people during the lunch hour and exaggerate their walk as he walked alongside them. It was absolutely hilarious. When he got to the end of the block, he would bow, tip his hat, and then pick another person to mimic. Screamingly funny. You can do that just by observing the walkers. As they walk, you can make observations to yourself. You can actually visualize the way THEIR PARENTS WALKED. Because they are walking the way their parents walked! No joke. It's hilarious!!

  1. Get outside in the fresh air and sunshine and get some exercise – walk, jog, bike, swim, whatever. Better yet, walk/bike to the nearest Catholic church and visit the Blessed Sacrament.

  2. Watch a funny movie, preferably with a friend or two. If there is nothing funny playing in the theaters or if money is tight, rent a DVD and watch it at home.

  3. Clean your house or apartment. REALLY clean it. It’s a chore, but you’ll feel much better living in a clean environment than if you are surrounded by clutter, dust, trash, dirty dishes, etc. :thumbsup:


[quote="HickmanJosh, post:6, topic:201867"]
1 Pray
2 Adoration
3 Offer it up

Sorry there all spiritual but thouse are probably the best things to do if you don't want to feel down


Don't apologize Josh, when it really comes down to it in the end it is God who will heal depression, the great tool of the evil one.:eek:
Peace to all, Carlan


Go watch The Road Warrior. It always does the trick for me whenever things get pretty busy/heavy. Where else can you find a character named The Humongous?


Depending on my schedule or time of day/night, I'll either try to cook something new, watch TV/movie or play a video game.


Considering where you live… :wink:

Go down to St. Mary’s and spend some time in their chapel. I have driven down there just to do that very thing.

Start a walk at the Generose building. You can park by the ER and walk across the street towards Generose. To your right there is a beautiful garden with a water feature. At the end of that garden, there is a beautiful statue of Mary. There will be a few people at various times sitting around the garden. Smile at them. Perhaps strike up a conversation. Chances are they are patients in the Generose building. That means they are not only suffering from what you are, but are worse off. OR they are just realizing they are alcoholics and trying to clear their mind.

If you walk out of the garden and look to your right there is a tower at the top of that hill. Take a walk up there one morning at sunrise. There is a veautiful view from up there. Trust me.



Groucho Marx was minding his own business, when someone came up to him and demanded: “Say something funny!”

Groucho looked at the man and said, “Bellybutton”.

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