Give to church or donate?


I go to a church that is pretty rich so i am torn between giving to the church or giving to lately…
this is one of the microfinance organisation… i feel that the money would help someone with their life whereas what i donate to the church is like a drop in a very large bucket!!

anyone else feel like this?


No matter what organization I donate to, the parish is my first priority whether it is rich or poor and I trust them in using the money. In fact, my pastor has summary of the money how it is used.

I don’t know if my parish is rich but there are many people supporting the parish - the money goes to different uses - some of them are medical for people in other third-world countries, the food to Vincent De Paul, to religious education for kids at the parish, day-care center, huge utility bills, …you name it.


My brother once told me about tithing churches. In these churches, members are asked to give 5% to the parish and 5% to charity, or God’s people. The church in turn gives 5% to the diocese and 5% to the various causes that come up throughout the year. There are no second collections.
I belonged to a church that was not known for being rich. The pastor suggested giving one hour’s wage to the church. Since an hour’s pay is approximately 5%, the formula works well. 5% goes directly to my parish and 5% to a charity of choice. This also helps with budgeting. As St. Paul commended the Collosians on their generousity, he reminded them not to overlook their own needs. God still gets the full tithe.


there is another thread on this topic which begins “tithing” discussion of your question


If you’re concerned about where the collection money goes… then go to your parish office and ask for a financial statement… I think you’d be surprised.

I also go to a parish that has lots of wealthy parishioners… and the church itself is just gorgeous… but truth be known, most of the cost of the beautiful building was donated by the people who own the building supplies, etc!
Where do you think the money is going to? The priests? The parishioners? I highly doubt that… but ask for the financial statement to know for sure.


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