Given a Koran..

What should I do with it… Would it be a sin if I threw it out?

No. It would not be sin to throw it out.

I don’t think it is sinful to throw out books which we do not hold to be sacred. however I would do it prudently, that is quietly, so as not to cause scandal among certain sections of the community.

That being said You don’t have to throw it out, it could be a handy reference text to see what muslims believe. Just because you have one doesn’t mean anything in itself.

I probably wouldnt keep one either, and consider the internet can provide just as much information on Islam as a physcial book of the koran, though some prefer to have the real book over the new “nook”. So I guess your preference comes into consideration, then one would also have to ask why someone would give a Catholic or Christian in general a koran. If it was given to you on some spiritual level as a means to consider switching faith, maybe consider saying thank you but no thank you ( in your own way ).

If the book was given merely because you were asking a lot of questions and the person felt as if the actual book would be of better help in you understanding answers to your questions well then there ya go and dont sweat it.

I am reading a book by an Author I enjoy, and he states he has studied marxisim/communisim by the founders of those two parties, and in turn is better able to understand their thinking and is also better able to debate their errors. And I would like to do the same some day.

If you would feel guilty about throwing the book away, simply again return it and tell the person in your own way thanks but no thanks.

Why would it be sinful to throw away a book from a false religion?

The Koran is a hugely interesting book especially from an historical and anthropogenic point of view. You aren’t Jewish are you? would you consider throwing or ripping out the Old Testament! If you threw out your Koran you would also be throwing out the Pentateuch of Moses the Book of Psalms of David and of course the four gospels know to the Muslims as the injil (Good News) the Injil-Matta (Matthew), Injil-Markus (Mark), Injil-Luka (Luke), and Injil-Yohannah.(John). The Vatican has a huge collection of Koran’s including a Koran that was given to Baldwin IV of Jerusalem by Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb (Saladin) Sultan of Egypt and Syria. Leave book disposal to radical evangelical protestants and Nazi’s.

I own a Koran, although I’ve never read it. I bought it so that I could read it to see the Muslim stance on Christianity. I’m waiting until I am firm in my faith, though :slight_smile:

If you really don’t want the Koran, why not donate it to a charity shop?

JPII Kissed one.

I own a Koran, and I’ve read parts of it. Obviously it’s not a Christian book, but it does come from the Abrahamic tradition, and so there are exhortations contained within it that I think even Christians could find helpful, such as the first Sura:

“In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Praise belongs to God, the Lord of all Being **, the All-merciful, the All-compassionate, the Master of the Day of Doom. Thee only we serve; to the alone we pray for succour. Guide us in the straight path, the path of those whom Thou has blessed, not of those against whom Thou art wrathful, nor of those who are astray.”

So while there are definitely some passages which sharply and purposefully contradict Christianity, you could certainly get something out of it, even if only a better intellectual understanding of Islam. Be prepared to work for it, though; it’s not a particularly straightforward text.

If you decide to throw it away, don’t tell any devout Muslim friends of yours. They treat the Koran even more reverently than we sometimes do Scripture. They view it as eternal and seated at the right of God, in some ways parallel to how we view Christ. Just tossing it out, then, would be very offensive.

Why don’t you give it to someone who believes in it, as an interreligious gift? It symbolizes you getting away from it, while feeding the sheep of another flock. That’s gotta get you spiritual brownie points, wouldn’t you think?


I’d read it for general knowledge about Islam.


I’m curious as to why you would accept a Koran in the first place.

When you say “throw it out” do you mean just put it in your garbage? I personally would burn it if someone gave me one. And ironically, when there was that scandal about the U.S. marines burning Korans… that’s actually the way most Moslems ask for you to dispose of the Koran. The marines burned them because they thought it would be more respectful… the people of Afghanistan were none too pleased though -_-

And of course you’d burn it in private.

I ordered a Qu’ran when I was going through my “Muslim Phase” for a year. I still have it and have no clue as to what to do with it, I also have a book of mormon. I keep them both with my other books I don’t read in an obscure drawer in my room.

Maybe it’s like burning the American flag. One does it to retire the flag, the other does out of disrespect.

I wouldn’t accept it in the first place. I would throw it out.

It is not a book given to man by God. It denies the divinity of Jesus, it denies the Holy Trinity, it denies that the Lord died for our sins. To simply put it, it is a false book.

Lol… but wouldnt that lead others away from Christ?

In my first year of university, I took a World religions course and I had to visit 2 relgious places of which werent my own (hinduism and islam) and a mosque was one of them. The imam (or whatever you call them) gave me a Koran… I couldnt say no because there were like 5 of them and I didnt want to get my head chopped off by refusing to accept. Quiet scary actually because they were pretty authorative.

OMG well that certainly explains how you got it. Did that class force you to choose Hinduism and Islam? Bc I would not have gone into a mosque (I’ve got no real beef with Hinduism… pardon the pun). If I ever took a class like that I’d go to a Jewish Temple and a Mormon Temple. One out of affinity/ respect, the other to make a statement about how they’re a non-Christian religion.

Of course, it doesn’t matter to you as a Christian, but it would be respecting your neighbors to give it to a Muslim. If you know of any Muslim neighbors, etc… or if there is a mosque near where you live, you could give it to them. They probably need to dispose of old Korans at times and would know what to do with it.

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