Given a Koran..


I have a little paperback Koran in my apartment somewhere. I almost never read it though. I keep it just in case I need it as a reference.


Read it, or if you don’t want to, give it to someone who wants it or knows how to dispose of it properly. Do you think it would be proper if someone binned a copy of the New Testament?


What would the imam have done to you if you had said no?


The point of taking such a course is to learn about religions you might not otherwise study, especially if you start the course with prejudiced or misinformed views, not to voice your approval of one religion over another.


I wouldn’t care what anybody does to a copy of the New Testament. It’s ink and paper, and another copy can be made in a fraction of a second.



I am a Muslim coming to the Catholic Church. I must say that it was not a Christian person that lead me to this point, but rather God Almighty touching my heart. One need only read some of the comments to see that point. It is a book and nothing more. If you don’t want it then donate it to a used book store. It’s a no brainer. If you want to read it or keep it for reference then do so. Why is this such a bone of contention? Before I began to read the Bible , I never would have dreamt to throw it out or disrespect it in any form or fashion. Although I did not draw my faith from the Bible I RESPECTED that others did. Respect for others did not require me to believe as they do.


Keep it and read it; no harm. Else give it to someone who wants it

Certainly. Insulting the beliefs of others is sin. You cannot equate unwanted books and unwanted “holy books”. Each of will be judged by the way we treat others.

Do to others as you would have them do to you (Luke 6:31)


As would I. In fact, it’s amazing how the Qur’an and Islam can challenge us to be better Christians if you just open your heart.

The 1970s movie “The Messenger” about the life of the Prophet Muhammed (pbh) really opened my eyes about the cultural and political realities facing the apostles at Pentecost.


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