Given a new soul in heaven?


I was recently discussing religion with a Protestant “friend of a friend.” Her claim was that we are all given new souls in heaven. I have been under the impression that those who go to heaven are given a new body, much like Christ after the resurrection. Where did this idea of a new soul come from? Do most Protestants believe this? Do they cite scripture to back their claim? What should my response be?

I asked this in the Ask and Apologist forum, but never got a response.

Thanks in advance.


I’ve never heard a Protestant with any real knowledge/understanding of theology make that claim. I sounds like something she came up with on her own or she is misunderstanding something her church teaches. Anyway, if you get the chance, please ask her where she got this idea from. I can’t see how she got it from reading the Bible, but you never know what odd things people will read into it.


I’m not sure of her religious background. She belongs to Campus Crusade for Christ at my college; which seems to consist mostly of non-denominational Christians.

When she said that, it really took me off guard because I have never heard that claim before.

Thanks for the input.


Ah. Well, you might want to talk to whoever is in charge of the CCC at your college to ask if that is what they believe. S/he will probably be as surprised as you to hear this novel idea.


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