Giving away games with questionable moral content?

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I was just wondering something. I have in my possession some videogames, which I used to play but no longer do, which contain some themes which I now find vaguely distressing (it makes use of tarot themes, and blends together various mythologies to provide “monsters” for the players to fight/harness). In case you don’t know, the game is called Persona 3, and I was wondering - if I give this game away, would I be responsible for possibly leading them astray? I know it seems like a bit of a stretch, but it’s really starting to worry me. Can I get some advice on what I should do?

Circumspection is very good when selling or giving something away. At times a book or what not is better to be destroyed than end up leading another into sin. One must judge. And I do not know of what you speak but the mention of say even the tarot (which today has occult meaning and use overall) can interest the young in a not good way.

If you’re at all worried about the game’s effect on another player, I advise you to destroy it. Even if it proves harmless, you will worry about it. Why set yourself up for distress?

I’ll take it ^^

No need to destroy a perfectly good game, just be sure that it won’t affect whomever you are giving it to. Giving a game like that to a younger person could be bad (in fact, from what I know of the themes in the Persona series it -would- be bad to give it to someone that isn’t an adult), but if you give it to someone who is an adult, and is strong in their faith who will approach it simply as another game, then I see nothing wrong with it.

Yes, I think I would agree with this (especially the bolded parts). The 1st Persona game actually was one of my favorite RPGs from back in the day.

Sorry guys, I’m afraid it’s a bit late. I asked because somebody, one of my brother’s friends, requested it of me, as a sort of “fair exchange” because I was returning some of his games which I’d borrowed and kept for a long time. Given that, and the fact that he specifically requested that game, made me feel like I couldn’t reasonably refuse him without seemingly mean and stingy. The man in question is about 18. I pray that I have not done any wrong by giving him this.

If you think Persona 3 leads people astray then I shudder at how you would treat original works of mythology such as the Iliad, the Volsung Saga, and the Ulster Cycle.

As a rogue Catholic myself, I’ve been influenced by greater things than just video games. More often than not, they only reflect my experience and not the other way around. :shrug:

Based on my research, mythologies, as long as they are not presented as “real,” are not a problem. Tarot cards and their symbols have been used for a very long time for predicting outcomes of events for persons. There are many types of Tarot cards. This is a form of divination which should not be seen or promoted. So in that case, I would not give that game away, just dispose of it. Mythical monsters are mythical and have been a staple in storytelling, which is something my company sometimes uses in our books. We are known as a family-friendly company.

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By 15 years old or so, perhaps later, most people are blind enough to believe such things are “nonsense”. A learned and/or wise enough Catholic or Christian will know games with such themes cannot hurt them as long as they leave it out of the real world.

J.R.R. Tolkien knew magic could be real, yet that did not stop him from writing the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, and developing a massive mythos around it. But, like anyone who writes a murder novel, he was smart and wise enough to leave it in the world of fantasy. Find such a person to pass these games on to, and you’ll be fine.

I disagree. We are our bother’s keeper. Bad moral content is bad, regardless of the age given to. One would be providing or facilitating an occasion of sin.

Destroy it.

Love in Christ, +++


Too late. The OP already gave it away. And in any case, would you recommend museums and libraries destroy all classical works and pagan statues on the same grounds? Persona is but a modern incarnation.

Imma drop this interesting factoid here for everyone’s reference. Tarot cards are not just used for divination. People have been playing games with them since 1425.

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