Giving birth 10 times is good for your health!


YES! :extrahappy:

Not the reason why I had 10 kids, God decided that for me, but I love the title of the article. :smiley:


Its not giving birth 10 times which kills you, it is raising 10 kids that will get you!

j/k I never was faced with that situation. :blush:

The news article makes an interesting observation: Quoting from the article:

*Many women in the new study who had 10 or more children were members of the Laestadian movement, which is part of the Lutheran Church in Finland, the researchers said. Women in this group are similar to average Finnish women in terms of their lifestyle, but their religion prohibits the use of contraceptives.

Studies on the effect of hormonal contraceptives on cancer risk have been inconclusive, but some studies suggest that the contraceptives reduce the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer.*


God bless you & your family.


If my grandmothers had not stopped at 7 and 9, they might still be alive! They would both be 131 now.:stuck_out_tongue:


If we all applied a 10 child per family target, we could go from 7 billion to about 12 billion in a single generation, about 20 billion a generation after that, about 30 billion a generation after that, etc.

I’m sure we could cope with that sort of unchecked growth.


To illustrate my point, the following link gives some idea of the fossil fuel requirements just to supply our daily food.

For those who argue against contraception, and who might think 10 children per family is a good thing, God has made us responsible for running the world. This means using the brain He’s given us.

I haven’t yet seen God build a hospital, a road, a farm, a school, a dam, set aside an area for a national park etc. Sure, He provided all the raw materials, but how we use them, and what we do with them He has placed right in our court.

And if we take a short sighted viewpoint that down the road leads to starvation, resources wars, resource scarcity, enormous division between rich and poor, He won’t deliver us from it. His argument will be “I gave you the necessary resources and the intelligence as to how to you use them. You made your bed - you lie in it.”

And that will include a policy on contraception.


According to what i know,there are no problems for some women ,and problems for some,as it can be having one or two children,a lot also depends on your eating and drinking habits and fitness and exercises and keeping yourself fit healthy.I am from a family of 5 children and my Mother lived the healthy life and had no major health problems and she died at 97 years young.

St John Ogilvie,Pray For Us


My maternal grandmother lived until 90 and had only one child (my mother). My paternal grandmother died in her early sixties and had 12 children.


I had the privilege of attending a weekday Mass at one of our more “conservative” parishes in the KC area last week. In the pew ahead of me was a mom and 12 children ranging in age from upper teen years to infant. I assume the father was at work, ( with 12 kids I couldn’t imagine anything else). Each and every child, even the younger ones, were devoutly praying and attentive to everything going on at Mass. While I wouldn’t be able to comment on anyone in that family’s physical health I would be willing to bet that their “spiritual” health was A-OK.


God’s already revealed His policy on contraception. Listen to the Church. If you have concerns about population increases, you can look to NFP to space births. Of course, overpopulation is not the true risk we face, but underpopulation. In the next few decades we will enter demographic winter, and the results will be ugly.


I can assure you that not everyone, even without contraception can become pregnant that many times.


I’d have to be one to argue that my 10 kids are a good thing.

Hopefully one of my 10 will be that one to build a school. (Two are going into the education field) Hopefully one will be the engineer to design that dam. (One has a current goal to be an engineer) I’m also hoping that one (or more!) might be that priest that is used as God’s instrument to provide us His grace through the sacraments. I have two that are on their way to their celibate vocation, but they are girls. One of whom is hoping to be at service for others for her life. Perhaps she’ll be making your bed to lie in that you speak of.

If there is ONE thing that I have no doubt about, God will be happy with my openness to have them. (I’m sure there are other things that He may not be so happy about…)


(From the article)

“The researchers aren’t sure whether the findings apply to women who have just one, two or three children, but plan to conduct another study to find out, said study researcher Dr. Juha Tapanainen, of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Helsinki University Central Hospital.”

In other words, they only studied those women who had 10+. They didnt include women who had a few…

Important to remember when understand this study

(and it noted)

“Despite the reduced risk of cancer, giving birth to five or more children does come with its own dangers, increasing the risk of pregnancy complications, such as premature birth and hemorrhaging after delivery.”


I’m not arguing about whether you’ve been a good parent or not. It seems quite clear you have been. Certainly better than my own, especially my father.

My argument centres on sustainability, that is, we are responsible for what we do with the resources we have.

It’s also possible to have two or three kids, who all turn out well - a priest, an engineer and a doctor for example. They’ll also only require 30% of the resources of a 10 child family.


Large families were considered to be the norm at one time. Anyone who has done genealogy studies can attest to that. My great grandparents (married in 1859) had only five children–two of whom never married and lived at home; my grandparents had larger families–8 children (my Protestant grandparents) and 11 children (my Catholic grandparents).

I checked the article this report came from (…ncer-risk.html) and it appears that there are other factors to consider too–as in any study. Apparently, the younger a woman is when she gives birth, the better her chances are of not getting certain kinds of cancer.

I have always wondered how much cancer is caused by the additives in our food and our sedentary life style. :confused:


I am sorry you do not admire your father. That is unfortunate. Thankfully you have a Heavenly Father that surpasses all parenting! As to my parenting…that is not the issue at all and you missed my point. All 10 of my children have talents and purpose for this life. They have a calling from God to serve Him in some capacity.

But it’s my 4th child that would be the engineer to build the dam…

My 5th and 6th are talking priesthood, but it may be my 10th child that is the priest…:shrug:

We are responsible for our actions that is true. We are also responsibility for our reasoning capacity. What I take issue with is your assumption that the worse natural resource that we can encourage on earth is a new person. Our Lord has given the best of all resources that are above all His other creations. To deny our nature and our fecundity is to deny God’s plan.

I love this article. I thought it humorous that the number they used was 10. As a mother of 10 it tickled my funny bone. I also love how it supports the Truth as taught by the Church. Having children is a GOOD thing!! Is it because we have them young? Is it because we have 5 or more? Is it because a lifestyle full of children leads to a healthy way of living? I don’t know, but science loves to say how we humans are the worse thing to happen to the earth. Yet we have been created by God to have children and science supports that it is a healthy thing to do!

I will not subscribe to your way of thinking, Bob. I will not argue with you. This was a funny little article that actually is a positive article in regards to a woman having children. It was not a doomsday article telling a woman how bad it is to have children. You are interjecting an argument here that should not be. It is a natural good to give birth for a woman! I’ll follow the signs of nature that God has given and rejoice in his gift to me. Doctors say I have an 87% chance of cancer…perhaps by following God’s plan, I will decrease that chance. If I still get cancer, perhaps it will be another child born of a large family that will offer the cure for me…

May God bless you, Bob. I do hope someday you can see the beauty in each child born, especially in my youngest 7 children. Don’t succumb to the doomsday theories. Sadness and negativity are allies of the evil one.


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