giving massages to the opposite sex?

Hi.Im studying to become a massage therapist,is it oke to give massages to women?and if its not is it a venial or mortal sin?

Of course it’s not a sin.

Is it a sin for male doctors/nurses to treat female patients? No, it’s not a sin.

Years ago I studied to be a massage therapist - never got my license, tho. Giving a massage to someone of the opposite sex is no problem as long as you keep your mind on business.

If you have a problem with that, stick to massaging men. I much preferred women, just as I prefer my doctor to be a woman.

Would you remind a nurse or doctor to “keep their mind on business”? Registered Massage Therapists, at least here in BC, are licensed health professionals…the ones I’ve been to would be horrified by the very thought that anything funny could be going on. Their services are covered by extended medical insurance plans.
To the OP - why would it be sinful? If you’re studying massage therapy, surely you don’t have a notion that there’s anything sexual about this health service? :confused:

I’ve had both men and women therapists. It honestly makes ZERO difference to me… whether is a 20 year old attractive female or a 50 year old big German man… and I’ve had everything in between. Its therapy…nothing remotely sexual.

He asked for advice, and he is not yet a therapist. Of course I wouldn’t say that to a nurse or doctor - unless that person asked!

Whether or not it’s a sin would depend upon your motives and what you experience during the massage. The massage itself is not inherently sinful, and as long as you can do it dispassionately and professionally, with proper decorum, it’s not a sin. If you experience impure thoughts or lust when you give massages to women, then that would be a sin. If you experienced those thoughts and feelings consistently when you gave massages to women, then the massages would be a near occasion to sin.

Fair enough.

Experiencing impure thoughts its not sinful. Entertaining impure thoughts is.

Is physiotherapy a sin?

Plus, I believe a massage therapy client can request a same-gender therapist if they are uncomfortable with an opposite-gender therapist,or if none is available, chose another facility.

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