Giving to charity

I understand that as Christians we are supposed to be charitable, etc. but I’m confused as to how far this extends. I see charity boxes when I’m out shopping sometimes and I do try and give some money if I have any in my purse - I don’t always have any because I tend to pay by card rather than cash and I am a student so there is a limit to how much I can give but anyway I’m going off-topic.
But the thing I’m confused about is like to what extent are you supposed to be charitable? Is it literally supposed to be take what you need and give the rest to those who need it? For example, is it wrong that I spend significant amounts of money on going out (having to buy drinks, pay entry fees. taxis home, it mounts up) when it could be put to much better use?

What I try to do is whenever I buy something online…i’ll try to match the exact amount I spent by donating to various charities (looks like I need to donate $90 to Catholic charities:)). Give what you feel is right, I think 10% of what you earn is the standard amount. Most charities have websites which you can donate by card. some of my favorites are: Hope this helps! God Bless!

I have been told, that if your giving is hurting you more then it is benefiting someone else, you need to stop. I have always been told to give what I can after I have taken care of my families needs first. I continue to give to charity every month. My wife and I, look for something we can donate to people every month. Never give more then you can.

Charity does not mean you have to give something, try giving your time at a local shelter. When you give yourself that is more charitible then anything else. Remember Jesus gave us Himself, as Charity for us.

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