Giving to Non-Catholic Charities


Hello, not sure if this is the right thread, but I figured this was close enough.

Some people came into my store looking for donations for their Church. It is an inner-city Christian church with a focus on giving drug addicts a second chance. It has a live in home for men and women and employs them in various tasks such as evangelizing and community work. They only accept people willing to give their lives to Christ, by their definition.

I wasn't able to give a donation as I'm not in charge of that kind of thing, but would it be morally acceptable for a Catholic to finance a non-Catholic institution, even though it has a good mission?


While in general charitable giving is a prudential matter, as there are many ways to do good in the world and we all have different charisms, it is not OK to directlty support non-Catholic prosthelytizing even if through the guise of corporal works of mercy.

There are plenty of Catholic charities doing these works and our call to support the Church does not include supporting heretical teaching. They mean well, but they are in error and we cannot promote error.


Thanks, that is exactly what I was thinking, but I wanted to check anyhow.


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