Giving up CAF for Lent?


Not me!

That would be like saying I’m going to give up talking to my family!!! You guys (especially here and on the parenting forum) are such a source of support for me that I can’t imagine giving that up. It would be like not talking to my mom, lol.

**So, I’ll pray for all of you who will be missing during Lent, but I’ll still be here, probably needing more advice:o **



I agree with you Malia. Prayers with those who are fasting from CAF. I may try and come on less frequently but I won’t give it up entirely!

I will be here to give you advise :wink: , or to ask for it or to just join my prayers with yours.

Brenda V.


I’ll still be here too Malia! Good to know you’ll be on here with me! :slight_smile:


Nope, not me. You guys are about the only adult conversation I get! Home all day with a 1 1/2yr old and a newborn… oy! I’d go crazy! :whacky:


I know I should, but I think I’ll just limit time–how about 20 min a day?

Maybe I could do it like weight watcher points. The Clubhouse would be like 7 points and the intellectual forums would be more like 3 points? :hmmm:


I’ll still be here for Lent. I have to be on the computer all day for work, anyway, so while I wait for my work PC to finish doing something/save something/access something, I can post on my home PC (I’m working at home, needless to say :smiley: )


My mudginess and me are still here.


I don’t know some of you in the family forum, I just started posting in here very recently but I do really like it in here. Everyone is so nice :slight_smile: I am sticking around as well if you don’t mind :wink:


I actually find CAF spiritually refreshing. It is great to be able to talk about Catholicism ,NFP and such and know you are not alone.


**Glad to see I still have quite a few people to talk to! **



I didn’t give CAF up entirely, but I’m trying to cut back. (I’m also doing more Bible reading and prayer, which ends up cutting down on my forum time as well.)

I’m learning more about myself and my family as I try to cut back. I pick up a magazine or book, read a sentence and one of my children starts talking. Find my place, re-read the sentence and maybe another sentence, another child, same thing. Re-read, repeat. (We read a lot of books together, so maybe they think that they should join me everytime I hold a book.) Finally get everyone quiet, then baby climbs over the magazine to sit on my lap. Baby sits wth me and kicks my magazine or book. Then child/children return to talk some more.

In contrast to my failed attempts this morning to read and formulate my thoughts, I now hold a sleeping child (who fell asleep while I read other threads), and I type this with one hand while a toddler plays nearby. I can’t talk on the phone or read a book or even pray without being interupted every few seconds, but I can read and write on Catholic Answers, (where it’s much easier to find my place.) I can’t talk on the phone with a friend while getting the baby to sleep, but I can come here and correspond with other grown ups. I’m discovering some good reasons why I spend so much time here. When I quit CAF cold turkey at other Lents and Advents, I never figured this out.


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