Giving up on dream vacation

The economy isn’t great and DH and I have been feeling it. Gas currently is only at $3.80 here but I know there are plenty of areas in the country where it is well above that. I have a new job I started beginning of April and DH is looking for a new job this summer, plus we are moving, and we are still dealing with medical bills from two years ago. We got to talking last night and both of us feel we need a vacation because the past two years of marriage we’ve been taking care of everything but ourselves. We’ve never had a vacation together because a honeymoon wasn’t in the budget. Our family lives out of town so all of our spare travel money has always gone to visiting them which IMO isn’t a real vacation.

We’ve had some money earmarked in savings for a large scale vacation…but I’m not sure that will ever come. We’ve always dreamed of going to Hawaii. Well rather DH just wants to see a volcano…such a boy! lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess we have just come to the conclusion that we’re never going to get to go on this dream vacation…so we’re going to Colorado Springs for three days this summer as it is only 6 hours away. There is just so much money it would take to do Hawaii properly that I’m afraid we’ll save it all up, have these grand expectations, and then come away from the dream vacation disappointed. Every time we get started on saving up money for I feel like something happens (like our medical scare, replacing my dead car, starting a new job, etc.) and it causes us to start from square one again. DH and I keep a substantial amount of savings because we don’t like debt, but as a lot of you know there are some things in life you can’t plan for.

I guess my questions is 1) Does anyone have a dream vacation they are saving up for? Do you think you will ever go on it? and 2) Has anyone taken their dream vacation? Did you come away from it feeling the effort was worth it?

I want to see us achieve our dream of going to Hawaii, but I don’t want to wait the 3-5 years it would take to save up enough only to be disappointed. :shrug:

Also, for those of you that are tired of some of current topics on CAF Family Life, where are you going on vacation or where do you want to go on vacation? I like to live vicariously through others! lol :smiley:

We had planned to travel to Alabama to see EWTN studios in June, but every week something breaks on my Blazer. Not only that, but I am still paying medical bills. We’ve decided to pay off everything before we do anything.
We’ve planned to visit the Cathedral as a mini vacation and other Churches in our area as well (Catholic of course).

We refuse to take the children to the beach due to the men and women who prance around in their underwear.

We would love to go see Ireland - our goal was 5 year ann. And then 10 years…but then bills came up, babies were born, cars die, and there is always something wrong with the house! Our 10 year is coming up and now we are thinking for our 20th Ann. Maybe we’ll make it there before old age!

Understand the disappointment every ann we spend with take out watch some Irish show on the BBC… but the kids,house, andx car make up for all the rest :slight_smile:

It is a rough economy-- We’re paying 4.27/gallon for gas here. :frowning:

Funny you should mention HI. That is where we spent out honeymoon, and yes, it was worth every penny to us! HI is one of those places that can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be. You can do helicopter rides over a volcano, or opt to lay on the beach all day.

One thing we did is to opt for a condo (they’re priced competitively with regular rooms). We went to a regular store, and bought food for breakfast and lunch. We ate out for dinner (mostly cheap), and splurged on a luau and one really nice dinner.

A co-worker goes almost every year to Maui, and told me that they opened up a Costco close to the airport, so getting food is even cheaper than it was when I went.

Don’t give up on your dream-- mine is to visit Rome and second on the list is Ireland. My husband wants to do one of the Steven Ray tours of the Holy Land. It might be 10 years before we can afford to do any of them, but it’s nice to dream. :slight_smile:

Mine are to go to Rome and run the marathon at Disney World. My husband would like to go to Japan someday.

I was preparing for my first half-marathon this February (the first step in reaching that final goal) when I got pregnant.

I know I’ll get to do all this eventually. My mom and I will go to Rome someday when my child is a little older I’m sure of it. And DH does not want me to give up on my marathon dream. He’ll do whatever is necessary to see that I get the necessary training in.

I don’t know when we’ll go to Japan. :frowning:

I’m not much for traveling, honestly, so I don’t have a dream destination in mind. At one point I did want to see the black sand beaches in Hawaii, though. I thought that would be a perfect place to celebrate Christmas - away from all the hub-bub and false cheer that Christmas can become.

I agree with the poster who said go but economize. There are lots of agencies to trade houses - someone comes to your house and you go to theirs. Of course you’d have to make sure the people are legitimate and I wouldn’t leave valuables laying around. If not house-swapping, you can rent a self-catering house or condo. We have to have a kitchen because my sons are on special diets and we can’t eat out 3 meals a day while on vacation. It’s usually less expensive overall than a hotel, and more comfortable and home-like.

I don’t think it’s good to give up dreams unless you have a replacement, especially if it’s a long-treasured dream. It can lead to resentment and resignation about life, which is not pleasant for anyone. I am glad you are going on vacation to the Springs - it’s a lovely area - but try to keep that long-term dream of HI still in your heart. Pray about it and ask God to help you get there! If it’s His will, a way will open for you.

I have two favourite places: Jerusalem and Medjugorje. I went there and its AWESOME. Highly recommendable.
I’d like to visit Assisi… but also just anywhere with a sandy beach and sunshine :slight_smile:

Ouch those gas prices don’t sound fun!! I think you have a good point there. I think we would have just as much fun going without some of the more costly things we were thinking of. I know DH really wants to do a helicopter ride and I want to go to a luau but maybe we should thinking smaller? I think we got into the mentality that in order to go anywhere we needed to do everything. I know one of the travel books I read says to never cram everything into one trip and expect that if you really liked it you’d go back

DH also brought up the point last night that maybe we’re not traveling people? I see his point that we tend to place more importance on other things first and maybe big extravagant trips aren’t for us? Maybe we are more of smaller trips? I feel like sometimes by trying to plan big trips I am putting things on the back burner that should bear more importance to us. I know we are hoping to start TTC within the next 1-3 years depending upon my health and our finances. And these things are still important to us…but I don’t want to look back 5, 10, 20 years from now and regret how we didn’t get to travel just the two of us. I don’t know if that makes sense or sounds really selfish on my part. :shrug:

Save up for Hawaii, follow your dream! :slight_smile:

I’ve been blessed to visit the following places:

  1. Fatima, Portugal
  2. Spain
  3. Ireland
  4. The Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, which was painful because I broke my foot and chose not to go to a doctor until after the vacation because the doctor would have made me stay home
  5. The Rocky Mountains, which I had to leave after one night because I couldn’t breathe due to altitude sickness but wound up finding a nice Catholic shrine to visit in Golden, Colorado

I’ve also visited many Bed & Breakfast inns located in rural areas. I generally pray and seek guidance from the Holy Spirit and my guardian angel as to where I travel. As a single Catholic woman who sometimes ends up in a Bed & Breakfast where the hosts turn out to have completely different religious and political beliefs that of course you can’t discern from a beautiful website and a phone call to make reservations, it can sometimes become quite an adventure!

That said, there have been many, many moments to treasure and I thank God for helping me plan where I go on vacation.

Of course, attending Sunday Mass is a must wherever I go, and often becomes a memorable highlight of the trip that I still look back on years later.

My most recent trip was to Mayberry. Yes, Mayberry. :slight_smile:

So basically, if you have any question as to whether you should go on your dream vacation, I would suggest praying about it.


My husband always said he wanted to take me to Zimbabwe. We had been married for 16 years before we were able to save for this holiday. (Took two years of serious saving.) We had the most fantastic time, well worth every cent it cost and the last holiday we had as a family of 4 as he died 11 months later.

I dreamed of overseas travel from my school days and never thought it would happen. Four years ago I started a job in the Middle East - an adventure all on it’s own. Now I’ve seen some of the places I only dreamed of as a teenager.

At the beginning of July I will be spending a few days in Jordan (my second visit there) an amazing country full of history and many biblical sites, including the site where John the Baptist baptised Jesus. (Since I can’t go to Israel at this time I’ll go to the “other” Holy Land.)

My advice, save for your dream holiday, even if it only comes in many years time.

I saw your post right after I posted my response. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I think you are right I don’t want to create resentment and I think at the same time we should be realistic.

Kit15 - DisneyWorld is some place I really want to take DH. He is convinced we should wait till we have kids though…I think we would be fun either way! I hope you get to do your marathon in Disneyworld and go to Japan. Both sound like a great time!

Catholic41506 - I like the idea of mini-vacation and I think that’s why we’re so excited about the Springs. I think we were putting all of our eggs in one basket and getting frustrated that they were readily achievable.

GraceDK - You mentioned one of my top 3 places I want to see in the world: Jerusalem. My grandmother went to Jerusalem 2 yrs ago and highly recommended it as well. DH went to Rome on World Youth Day one year and loved it. He really wants to go back and spend more time at the Vatican. We figure maybe when we have grown kids we’ll get to go…if not we’ll just dream about it! :thumbsup:

Funny–Colorado Springs IS one of our “dream vacation spots.”

We’ve been there a few times for various skating competitions and loved it. For anyone who loves figure skating, Colorado Springs is the best place to be. It is the headquarters of the United States Figure Skating, and is the home of the legendary Broadmoor Figure Skating Club. Make SURE that you go see the Figure Skating Museum and Hall of Fame while you’re there!

My daughter and her husband dream of moving there. They went to a huge summer camp there when they were teenagers, and fell in love with it. They have been back several times for skating events.

My older daughter has applied for a job in Colorado Springs, and is waiting for a call.

Garden of the Gods is awesome!

I LOVE Colorado, especially the Colorado Springs area. It is beautiful! I would love to return there again.

I traveled to Italy when I was in college, and I would love to travel there with my kids some day. That is my current dream vacation.

I’ve been to England a number of times and loved each trip.

I adored Sydney, Australia.

The Caribbean is beautiful and just like the pictures you see.

Yes, they have each been worth it.

Unfortunately, I have not traveled in a number of years. Now that kids are so busy with college and finishing high school, I am not sure when my next vacation will be. All my travel involves touring college campuses!

DH and I have been to Estes Park, CO, twice and we’d go again in a heartbeat!

Got to see Rome when my BIL was ordained in '91, even got to see JPII up close and in person! It was a very rushed 10 days, and someday I’d like to go back and make a pilgrimage… or visit Tuscany! Also, a tour of the shrines in Europe and Ireland–Lourdes, Fatima, Paris, Knock, etc. would be nice.

Got to the Grand Canyon twice–once with just DH and DS and once with the whole family (reunion) and I wouldn’t mind visiting again… I could spend hours just watching the light play over the canyon walls!

DH and I went to Niagara Falls for our honeymoon (in '88… for those of you with short memories, that was year of the big drought, when the Mississippi all but dried up!) and made a one day visit to D.C. I would love to visit D.C. again, but for longer than a day! Also, I’d love to visit Pennsylvania Dutch country, New England in the fall, and see the “green light” from the coast of Maine.

DH wants to visit Wyoming and Montana… I’ve collected brochures on Jackson Hole and we keep saying “someday”.

Right now, though, we are taking the bull by the horns… we’ve been married 23 years this coming July and always talked about a Caribbean cruise, but thought, “That’s way beyond our reach!” But the New Mexico Wine Growers Association is having this big promotion now. Visit 43 NMWGA member wineries throughout the state and spend $5 at each one and collect a stamp. Collect all 43 stamps, plus one from one of their major wine festivals (we’re going to the one on Memorial Day weekend in Las Cruces), and you win a 7-day cruise for two to the Caribbean! We have developed a liking for wine and wine tasting, and we love visiting wineries and vineyards. We’ve collected stamps from several nearby wineries and, this coming weekend, we are taking a trip to the northern part of the state and visiting wineries near Santa Fe and Albuquerque. In this case, getting there IS half the fun, because we are spending time together doing something we both enjoy and we have a goal in mind.

I admit, we’ve been very fortunate… many places we have visited opened up for us by God’s grace and good will. But we also made some compromises… what was more important, seeing St. Peter’s or the Smithsonian or the Grand Canyon, or staying in a four-star luxury hotel? If I wanted the hotel, there’s one not 20 miles from my home and it is part of a resort. But for the rest, I’d gladly stay in a KOA or a cheap (but clean!) motel.

Just say “Road trip!” and I’m there!

You’re lucky - gas is $4.35 where I’m at!

My husband is going back to Kuala Lumpur for six weeks on June 13, leaving me (as I continuously remind him) to care for a house, two children, two cats, and the cars all on my little lonesome. He’s not my favorite person at the moment. :rotfl:

Seriously, we’d all go but right now we can’t afford it. Just the plane tickets would wipe out our short-term savings. So I’ve told him to bring me back hisl limit in duty free scotch to make up for it.

When I was a kid I read a book about Australia and somehow got it in my head that I wanted to be in Sydney Harbor on New Year’s Eve at the millennium. I was actually standing on Sydney Harbour Bridge when 1999 became 2000. I will remember it for the rest of my life.

In 1980 I wagered my grandparents’ parish priest that I would someday land travel from Beijing to Leningrad (now St. Petersburg, of course). He claimed that I’d be married with children before I was 25. He lost. I began the trip in 1998 at my friend Lindsay’s Beijing flat on April 17, 1998 and finished up in the coffee shop of the Ibis Hotel in St. Petersburg a week before my 39th birthday in December of that year. I traveled by bicycle, lorry, foot, boat, private car, taxi, motorcycle, public bus, and train. I traveled through eight countries and had to have American consulates add pages to my passport twice. And I sent that priest dozens of postcards along the way. :rotfl:

And yes, it was very, very much worth it.

When our daughters were toddlers we traveled to India and Pakistan on a work/leisure combo vacation. Only it turned out not to be such a vacation with two small children, so we’ve decided to wait until they’re teenagers to attempt such a thing again. But we do do a lot of in-state day/overnight jaunts with the girls, mostly to national parks and museums. If we want/need to do any overseas traveling, my husband and I take it in turns and go alone.

Right now my dream vacation is to drive from Marrakech to Port Elizabeth, S.A. before I turn 65. My husband is leery, but he does know about the Beijing-St. Petersburg adventure, so he knows that I can make it possible. He’s just not sure if he wants to be along for the ride. :rotfl:

I LOVE to travel, and I have not given up any of my dreams of places to see – granted, I’m single so I’m just paying for one person; but I’m the queen of budget travel. There are many great resources for going on a budget – I read some of the posts, and there were some great ideas there. Go during the off season – it is Hawaii and the weather is nice year round, but there are times you can go when it’s not the peak season. Rent a condo as another poster suggested. A great resource for that is Choose one of the less touristy islands to save money. If you get on well with your family, make it a family affair and rent a house – cheaper for your individual family. Eat most of your meals in your apartment/condo and then eat a reasonable dinner out and pick a spurge place for one night while you’re there. Don’t buy the cheap touristy souveniers – you don’t need them, and you’ll end up throwing them out anyway :smiley: BUT TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES so you’ll have a great reminder of your trip.

If you really want to go to Hawaii, continue to dream and plan – just don’t set a time limit on your plan. It might not happen immediately, but it will one day. This economy will turn around and come back with a gusto.

So this is about the V-word, eh? I don’t know HOW much money you have but there are ways to go to Hawaii for a lot less than one may think. Before Kids, we went to see the solar eclipse. Had to take the in-laws, but hey… it was STILL Hawaii. If you could go with another couple to split the costs, it could help alot. We rented condos, split the cost of cars, bought food instead of eating out and used frequent flier miles to help offset the cost of airfare. Total for a week was $2500each back in '91. Seeing the volcano IS an interesting experience, BTW. And the black Sand beaches, the huge valleys, the mountains, the observatories, the waterfalls, the plants and the people and food. “Don’t stop believing!”

Now on the other hand, I found this place as an ideal vacation spot, too. It’s kind of a dream vacation to get away from the kids.

DW would love to take the kids to Hawaii… But since we haven’t won the lotto and she won’t buy a ticket, it doen’t look like we’ll get to go there anytime soon, either.

You say you will be moving soon? How about selling stuff? Two things, it doesn’t cost to move it and we all know we don’t need everything we have.

NO real vacation is inexpensive. We’ve spent just as much or more on a driving vacation as one that uses an airplane. They just can last longer. And sometimes, the memories do to.

Any of you - if you have a dream, do it. Go for it. Make time for it. Spend the money. You never know when your life will end, like the guy in the Bible who was going to build bigger barns for his harvest, and God told him, “You fool, this very night your life will be demanded of you.”

The people you want to go on trips with might not be here either. “We’ll do that when…” may never happen.

Do not give up your dreams! Once you do, it’s hard to get them back. Dreams don’t reproduce well in isolation! Give them lots of company and they will multiply!

Believe me, I know about this.

Life is just too short not to spend it being joyful.


My dh and I went on short trips before we had kids and it was nice but when we had kids we had a blast at Disney Land, and Disney World. We had to save first though so it worked out that the boys were about 8 and 6 when we took them the first time. They loved it and can still remember those vacations. Then we went to the ocean beaches for a few days at a time and to the Hot Spring resort in Canada.

I always wanted to go to Italy. Rome especially so we saved and saved and we finally got to go last September. My oldest son came with us and it was the vacation of a lifetime!!! We went to Rome first and I fell in love with it. Then we went to Assisi so quaint and ancient! Then Florence and Venice was beautiful! Everything has so much character and is so old and beautiful in Italy. The temps were just right in September.

We are saving again now to go back because there is still so much more to see. We are shooting for a year from this September.

I agree that you should start saving now for your dream vacation. And try to just get away on shorter trips at least once a year if you can afford it.

Excellent words of wisdom!


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