Giving Up Something for Lent, except on Sundays?

Rubbish. It’s an individual matter. The inner disposition to receive of the penitent matters far more than the form in which one receives. I have tried both and to be honest communion on the tongue did nothing to enhance my faith. What does enhance my faith though, is going to communion with a clean conscience, in a state of grace, after a good confession.

The hand is no more filthy than the tongue from which can roll off lies, calumny and cross or hurtful words, whereas the hands can be physically dirty but spiritually clean from the toil of doing God’s work such as giving alms, helping the sick and needy, and offering up our daily tasks as prayer to the Lord.

I wish people would quit persisting in making others feel somehow less Catholic because they take communion in the hand.

I have no issues with folks who prefer communion on the tongue, whether out of tradition or for their own spiritual nourishment, but that alone does not make one a better Catholic.

Please stay on topic, everyone. Take side discussions to other threads. Thank you all.

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