Giving up something for Lent, except one day

I am trying to do two things for Lent (in addition to giving to the annual Lenten Appeal).

  1. I am going to read a a scripture passage that goes along with one of the mysteries of the Rosary every night. I will have to do this twice (since there are 20 mysteries), but I feel that it will help me better understand the mysteries (I already pray the Rosary daily).

  2. I am going to give up my biggest weakness… sweets like ice cream, cookies, candy, etc. Sometimes I think I over-indulge on these things to the brink of gluttony (like eating half a pint of ice cream in a sitting, or half a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies in a sitting, etc)–so as a practice to get that potential deadly sin under control seems like a good thing for Lent. I love sweets and sometimes crave them, so this will be very difficult for me and a true sacrifice–much more so than things I’ve given up in the past. But every year I pass over giving up sugar because I feel it’s too hard and because my birthday falls during Lent (and the temptation is too great with people putting my absolute favorite cake under my nose). But I wondered, would it be acceptable to give up sweets except for allowing myself a piece of cake on my birthday.

I know a Lenten sacrifice is personal and there are no “rules” about it so to speak. But I am just wondering opinion-wise, is it a true sacrifice is I make that one exception?


since there are no rules you can do what you want when you want, but it will probably be an act of charity to eat cake if someone else has made it or planned your celebration

to help you further with the rosary why not download a sriptural rosary mp3 from somewhere like the ewtn site…its free to do this…

and if you are giving something up,. maybe you could offer that up to god for the relief and deliverance of the holy souls in purgatory…that way your sacrifice helps others!!!

heres a link that may interest you

good luck!!!

by the way what date does lent start this year?:confused:

Thanks for the link! Actually, that might work out well for me. If I give up something to help someone else, it creates a mental accountability for myself. i sometimes pray for the souls in purgatory, but not all the time (actually I pray for the souls of the departed–wherever they may be).

Ash Wednesday is next week, so Lent is just around the corner!

wow!!! i didnt realise it was next week…i have no idea what i should give up!!!..

Sounds like a great idea! I don’t see any problem at all in giving up the sweets throughout lent except for on your birthday.

Also, I don’t know you of course but, eating *half *a pint of ice cream in a sitting, or *half *a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies in a sitting doesn’t sound like gluttony to me. Too much sugar? Probably. But gluttony would be eating the entire pint or sleeve.

Good luck with lent. I’ll pray for you. Please do the same for me? (I’m planning to give up drinking anything but water. Not a huge sacrifice, but one I will have to think about every day.)

Could you celebrate your birthday on the nearest Sunday? Because on Sunday we celebrate the Lord’s resurrection we don’t give things up on those days so you could eat cake.

I always believed that too, especially as a child, but I don’t believe that now. Sunday is especially difficult because, for example, if you give up sweets, sometimes it works like you’re an alcoholic—one thing will set you off.

Also I recently learned that on Sundays during Lent is the exception for the Glorious Mysteries. During Lent I read (and this is from my Catholic Book of Prayers) that during Lent the Sorrowful Mysteries still should be said on the Sundays of Lent, rather than the Glorious, and during Advent the Joyful Mysteries should be said on Sunday.

I do think though that if you’re fasting, Sunday should be an exception, not that you should go all out but Sunday dinner with the family is important.

I guess if you are one of the lucky ones and can eat just one piece of cake candy or whatever on Sundays during Lent and fast the rest of the week though you’re okay, but I admit my weakness and can’t do that.

sometimes a better idea would be fasting from things we like just as favorite TV programs, computer surfing, and listening to music. Computer surfing will be very difficult for me.

This is true, though I tried this a couple of times last year and I noticed that when I do allow myself to indulge (I’m talking even just a little bite of chocolate or whatever) on Sunday during Lent, it doesn’t really feel like I’ve made a true sacrifice by the time Easter comes around. Yes I still hold my fast through the Triddum.

HOWEVER :wink:

Since you are setting the rule and the expectation up ahead of time; having the piece of cake on your birthday is STILL part of your fast. Be very specific: only one piece, for example.

Warning, though: this kind of relaxation will make your fast much, MUCH more difficult. Instead of just not thinking about what you can’t have and shrugging it off, you will find yourself thinking about it far more than you want to.

Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to you too! I have found the same kind of problem with sweets (or something else for that matter) if I go off of it on Sunday. I also would like opinions on the fish fries they have at Church on Fridays. Even though part of the money is given to the Church, it seems to me that having a great fish dinner with fries and slaw is not really what Fridays in Lent should be all about. Seems to me that you should eat simpler, but maybe I am making a big thing out of this. Also, we have bingo at our Church, and last year anyway, they’d have the fishfry, then the stations and THEN Bingo.

I’m a pre-Vatican 11 and the Church was much stricter during Lent. I think that the Bingo thing especially on Friday is inappropriate (not on Good Friday though). What does everyone else thing about this—sorry, probably should have started a new thread.

Goodness… I was born in the early 70’s - soo post-V-II, by far. Still, I find it shocking that bingo follows stations. Which “Way of the Cross” are you using? Is there some feel-good, let’s-all-go-play-bingo version that I’m missing out on? lol


Maybe there’s a 15th station where everyone went to play bingo…

…aww… guess now I’m being uncharitable. Darn it, confession was this morning too. :frowning:

Maybe I’m being uncharitable too, but our Church has Bingo all of the rest of the year (except Good Friday) so to me it’s a little bit much to have them on Lenten Fridays. I understand that many people like the fish fries, as it brings them together with the Church community, although ours doesn’t seem to do that as we have many Hispanic members who don’t participate. To me, I think that Father should either request the money that would be used for Bingo be either given to the Church, poor, or the rice bowls.

Since I don’t participate in the Bingo anyway (I’m a senior and don’t like driving at night) perhaps I really don’t understand, but I know when growing up these things including dances were discouraged during Lent. It’s only six weeks of the year folks!

Our church does Stations of the Cross followed by a simple bread and soup supper on Fridays of Lent.

*Appropriate for Lent *AND *brings the community together.

I have never seen bingo during Lent. Wow.

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