Giving up the occult

I have had “paranormal” type experiences as far back as I can remember. A few years ago I got involved with a ghost hunting group, thinking that as long as God wishes it (for me to have these experiences) then it must be ok. I gradually became involved in all types of spirit communication. Around this time I also started consulting psychics wanting to hear from deceased relatives. In no way did they disappoint, even telling me things that I had to confirm with older family members since it was before my time.
I have now realized the churches teaching on all these things, and I’m trying to free my life of all of it & give my life fully to Christ. I have resolved in my heart to see this through but I am having trouble fully and finally detaching myself from it. As much as I know it is not of God, I keep having these thoughts trying to reason with myself why it would be ok to stay involved to some extent. I have also made a lot of friends while doing this and I’m struggling with how to go about telling them the news that I am done.
Has anyone here struggled with this?

Sorry no advice, but I will keep you in my prayers.

Come Holy Spirit,
Fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love.
Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created.
And You shall renew the face of the earth.

O, God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit, did instruct the hearts of the faithful, grant that by the same Holy Spirit we may be truly wise and ever enjoy His consolations,
Through Christ Our Lord, Amen.

Hi, Rosepetal7…

I have never practiced occult activities, personally, but I know these things are going to help you:

The things that you have been involved in are extremely dangerous. You are correct in saying that the Church teaches against these activities (for this very reason). It’s extremely dangerous to even “stay involved to some extent”. You are opening yourself up to pure evil.

With that being said…You have already made the first step in rejecting the occult by “resolving in your heart to free your life of all this and give your life fully to Christ.”

Now, you must get rid of anything that you have that attaches you to the occult as a second step…as long as you have these things, it will be impossible to see your goal through, as they are still gateways to evil even if you’re not actively using them. By getting rid of all of it, it will enable you to “fully and finally detach yourself from it,” as you will be closing those gateways.

You are worried about telling your friends that you are done…This is going to be hard, but it is absolutely necessary that you do so (and just as necessary that you don’t continue participating in the occult activities - with your friends or by yourself). Like ridding yourself of all of the material things that attach you to the occult, it will enable you to “fully and finally detach yourself from it.” Treat it like you would if someone offered you marijuana…just say, “No.” You can tell them that you have learned what your Church teaches about these things, and that you are done. They will probably try to talk you into continuing, and that it is no big deal - - just like if you told someone, “No,” to marijuana. Just tell them that you know what your Church teaches is true, your mind is made up, and they are not going to change it. Like I said, this is going to be hard, but just remember all the friends you have here at Catholic Answers Forum!!! :slight_smile:

Also, pray. Pray for God to help you. Pray to Mother Mary and the Archangel Michael. Pray the Rosary. These things will also enable you to “fully and finally detach yourself from it.” God knows what is in your heart, and He loves you. He knows the challenges that you are facing, and He wants more than anything to help bring you away from the occult and closer to Him. He knows that in doing this you will find peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

Finally, don’t give up. You will face challenges along the way, but God is going to hold your hand the entire time.

Know that you are in my prayers…

God Bless,


I was involved with the occult and “new age” spirituality before converting to Christianity (in the Protestant form) some 30 years ago. For me it was quite simple leaving all the occult behind - I just did it in one complete clean out of my books and lifestyle. However, I would not judge someone who did not find it so easy. My recommendation for you is to confess the sins you are sure about, and, while in the confessional, mention the areas you are not sure about. Putting it to the priest in the confessional is exposing your soul to God.

You could even print off your post, and read it to the priest. It is a very good, succinct and honest statement of your feelings and thoughts!

I was involved in that stuff before coming home to the Church. It always pulls you in when you want answers and your guard is down. I can’t remember the Scripture passage, but basically if occult stuff seems to “work” or be accurate, that is because evil forces are causing it to appear that way to you. Doesn’t mean it’s the right thing. For me I still though in, for example, astrological terms long after I quit doing it. The Catholic Church and the sacraments especially confession were the ONLY things to get me out of this stuff, including the thinking. Immerse yourself in God’s truth, read why the new age occult stuff is deceptive, go to confession.

I also suggest

These prayers helped me with it.

That stuff was just an attempt to fill a spiritual void only Jesus can fill. It seems harmless but is not. Please PM me if you would like more help, I’ll pray for you.

Also, think through to the end result of occult stuff, on a practical level, if you think it is ok to do just a little. At first I couldn’t necessarily grasp why God thinks astrology or numolo or tarot, as examples, are so awful. What I could understand was that a simple hobby turned into a method of judging myself and others fatalistically, breeding mistrust and hatred due to good or bad “partner horoscopes”, dehumanizing people to a series of planet placements, and interacting with people who thougght planets were an excuse to do all of the above, and also ostracize those with “bad” charts. I felt truly I would never be happy because of my bad chart aspects.

Plenty of people who are smart get pulled in. I’m sure there are paralells in your experience where you can look at the fruits of these activities to see their worth. Compare the fruits I shared of astrology with those of Jesus’ message of loving each other and forgiveness.

Thank you for the prayers and the quick posting of advice. I have cleaned out a lot of stuff. But as I was reading the posts I realized I still have a lot of digital files on my computer to delete as well. I also have a good handful of books on ghost stories. Not sure if I have to get rid of these as well? They are strictly entertainment, and some are by a friend and I am mentioned in them (part of my reason for wanting to hold onto them)
I have been lurking for awhile now, but so glad I finally posted. I really need to close this chapter of my life. Unfortunately I do know the evil it lets in.

Get out now, it will only get harder if you wait.

My Lord, you are all powerful, you are God, you are Father. We beg you through the intercession and help of the archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel, for the deliverance of our brothers and sisters who are enslaved by the evil one. All saints of Heaven, come to our aid.

From anxiety, sadness and obsessions, we beg You. Free us, O Lord.
From hatred, fornication, envy, we beg You, Free us, O Lord.
From thoughts of jealousy, rage, and death, we beg You, Free us, O Lord.
From every thought of suicide and abortion, we beg You, Free us, O Lord.
From every form of sinful sexuality, we beg You, Free us, O Lord.
From every division in our family, and every harmful friendship, we beg You, Free us, O Lord.
From every sort of spell, malefic, witchcraft, and every form of the occult, we beg You,
Free us, O Lord.

Lord, You Who said, “I leave you peace, My peace I give you,” grant that, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, we may be liberated from every evil spell and enjoy your peace always. In the name of Christ, our Lord. Amen.

There are some wonderful prayers and excellent advice in two very good books written by Fr. Gabriele Amorth (the chief exorcist of the Diocese of Rome). The books are titled “An Exorcist Tells His Story” and “An Exorcist: More Stories” and are available from Amazon for about $12.00 each. He strongly recommends confessing everything you can remember that’s connected to the occult, (and getting rid of any stuff) and strengthening yourself with frequent Mass, Holy Communion, Adoration, and Confession, and prayers, especially the St. Micheal prayer.:signofcross:

:thumbsup: Good for you

I also have a good handful of books on ghost stories. Not sure if I have to get rid of these as well?

It sounds like a borderline case, where you should exercise your best judgment, prayerfully. This is the sort of issue that anyone who has discovered a weakness in some area has to deal with, eg. an alcoholic must avoid all alcohol, but what about a heavy drinker, who is still discerning whether he’s an alcoholic? Or a heavy gambler, who is still discerning whether he must avoid all gambling? In general, better to be safe than sorry, but there are no set rules. Read the signs - eg. does reading ghost stories lead you into dangerous thoughts? Perhaps you could give them to your folks to look after for a year, while you get it out of the system, and then think about it again.

Blessings, and thankyou for posting.


Well I have cleaned out everything I can find, including digital files. We have blessed the house. I feel a lot “lighter”. Never in my life did I imagine I would have gotten sucked into this. It’s like my eyes were opened and I suddenly realized how deep I had delved and how far away from God it was. I was caught up in the peace & love of what the people involved portray & thought that surely no evil could come from that. I was also blinded (and I do feel extremely naive now) to think that because they used religious items that it must be ok. Thank the Lord my eyes were opened & thank you all for supporting me through prayers and advise when I needed it the most. I needed that extra reassurance to make the final step in letting it go.

The followers of the father of lies appear more often as peaceful, loving people than otherwise, it is for this reason they have been labelled the people of the lie.

Hi, I think it might help to just break contact with all this stuff and go to church as much as you can, pray, meet other Catholics… read good Catholic spiritual books especially by the Saints… go to Adoration, the Sacraments… just use all the ways to make yourself stronger :slight_smile: don’t be afraid about telling your friends your decision, - it might actually be a pretty good witness, even if they competely disagree. Try to remember…since the occult is not of God, then it is of the devil…and the devil only wishes to destroy us, - it is God who wishes us good. The enemy tries to use various ways to get us into his traps, and things don’t seem so bad at first, except later they get much worse. There are many stories like that… might also help to pray to Our Lady, St Michael, and Blessed Bartolo Longo who used to be into the occult and then reverted to Catholicism :slight_smile:

God bless! :slight_smile:

You are not the only one with paranormal experiences. There are such things as ghosts, angels and demons and I know this because I can sense them and sometimes see them but it is not something I seek to find or think about it to much. I don’t question it too much, I accept it but I don’t seek it out. That is the difference between being okay and crossing the line. And I am not the first or the last one with this ability. My best friend has this ability and their were saints that I was told of that saw people’s guardian angels, souls, and souls from purgatory cleaning in the church.

The thing you should do is what I have done. Ask God what he wants you to do with what you have and/or know. Seek Him first and foremost. Be careful.

God Bless and Keep you.

well - seeing Jesus, Mary, Saints, angels, and even demons (recognizing their demons), and souls in Purgatory, - is very different from seeking to “summon” spirits or contact dead relatives etc… some of the Saints were given visions, or discernment, by the Holy Spirit. But none of the Saints practiced the occult (unless they converted from it). Whatever the psychics etc do, that is new age and not anything like what the Saints did. :slight_smile:

Ialso had a paranormal incident years ago which has made me very interested in the paranormal. But it has helped me as I have terminal breast cancer which is genetic so I had a bum deal with the choice of my family. When I was told I was scared stiff of dying but now I’ve had proof of life after death I’m no longer scared and my life is a lot happier.:slight_smile:

Go to confession and receive the Eucharist frequently, and develop a good prayer life.

Paranormal stuff can be exciting but dangerous. I used to go on paranormal trips with my girlfriend to keep her happy. She was Catholic raised too. She made some good arguments(at the time unappreciated) for the Catholic Church. “The Catholic Church stays together” she said.:slight_smile: Indeed.:thumbsup:
Explain to your friends that you have decided there are some things in this world that are real but shouldn’t be messed with. Share the Church’s teaching too, though it may not convince them. God be with you!

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