Giving your husband a bath

If your husband took a bath,for like an hour, because he wanted to be clean, would you offer to give him a bath to cut down on bath time?

I picked the wrong icon. Yes, this a serious question and I’m what you think about this. Thanks.

I suppose I would first try to understand why he takes so long (maybe you’ve already done this?) and then ask if there is anything I can do to help. Maybe he takes so long to avoid a certain chore, or there is an underlying medical issue, or because that’s the only peace and quiet he can get in a day, etc. Understanding the why would help me figure out how to help. If offering to bathe him is an appropriate action to alleviate whatever he is struggling with, then yes, I would offer.

You mean a real bath tub ? That’s a bit ridiculous being in there for an hour,
what’s he do in there ? Maybe best I don’t know, I hate bath tubs ,what’s the first thing you put in there? And what’s the second thing you put in there ?
Then you gunna wash your face in it ?
A shower maybe ,well yes I can understand sometimes 15. Minutes, but that’s it,
You might like to pm. Me on this rarity,:o

A long bath is very pleasant, especially with bath salts, bubble bath, and perhaps a book. It’s especially nice for warming up in the winter and having some quiet time.

My husband bought me a specialized ziploc-type thingy for putting my Kindle in when I’m reading in the bath. Best thing ever.

No, I’d leave the poor man alone and let him have his bath. If he needs my help, he’ll ask me for it.

He probably just wants a little time to himself to relax and unwind. An hour a day for that is really not that much time. :shrug:

Funny if a woman took an hour bath, no thought is given. But a man is taking a hour long bath, people wonder. A nice soaking does wonders to refresh ones self. Maybe he is taking a long bath to see if you will join him. Or maybe he just likes soaking, or it could be the place where he can get away from it all. Why not ask him why he likes to take an hour’s long bath, he just might have a great answer for you.

I could take a 2 minute bath and be just as clean as I would after an hour, plus less wrinkly. :shrug: Now if it were a detox bath, that may be a different story. Next time he takes an hour hot bath mix in two cups of plain Epsom salt and two cups of baking soda. Make sure he drinks lots of water after the bath. He’ll then be even cleaner. :smiley:

My first thought was “whoa!” when I read this. :o

Geesh! A guy can’t even have a soak anymore without it being a marital issue on the internet boards.

Poor guy. I pity him.

I’m not a bath guy, but when I do take a bath, I like it to be very long and steaming hot. My wife and daughters tend to take long baths. As much as my wife enjoys them, she would never consider trying to hurry me out of the tub when I’m enjoying a long soak. When it comes to showers, though, I’m a real stickler about making sure people get in and out.

I have one bathroom, 3 kids, 2 friends visiting from out of state, and random visitors coming over to see us. At this point, if anyone was in the bathroom for an hour I’d be tempted to go in there, wash them, wrap em up, and shove them out into the hall! :stuck_out_tongue:

Is he in there getting clean because he works a stressful and dirty job? My husband will occasionally take forever in the tub, but he is a truck driver and the hot water both soaks away embedded grime and relaxes tense muscles. I see nothing wrong with that as long as everyone has been warned the bathroom be occupied for a while and has had a chance to use it first.

Do you suspect he may be in there so long because of some mental health issue like OCD?

If you don’t suspect something wrong, I’d go with he’s probably in there relaxing and decompressing. I used to hide in the tub for some peace and a chance to read uninterrupted. If I’m tense or stressed or it’s been cold and my joints are aching a hot soak does wonders.

This is the question I’m asking.;):wink:

I won’t.

If he’s in there just trying to relax and decompress you bathing him might prevent him from relaxing. It might also help him relax and feel pampered. You’d have to ask him, I suppose. I see nothing wrong with the idea if he’s into it. I see a wife bathing her husband (or vice versa) while he relaxed as a great way to feel more bonded and connected and a great opportunity to talk.

No, you haven’t given any reason not to let him enjoy it.


Yeah. Let him have some time to himself. Or get in the tub with him.

Have you ever read the comic strip “Blondie”?

Dagwood (the husband) will often take a loooooooong bath!

I think a lot of men love a long soak. It’s not about being clean, it’s about relaxing.

I would rather have my husband take a long bath than head for a bar and get smashed to relax.

No, as a wife I wouldn’t offer to give him a bath to cut down on the bath time, although a joint bath can be a nice relaxing time for marital togetherness. If he has Playboy magazines or anything like that in there with him, though, that would would be a different issue altogether. Hopefully not.

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