Glenn Grothman, Wisconsin GOP Senator, Fights For A Seven-Day Workweek


Glenn Grothman, a Wisconsin state senator.

Among the things he has advocated include

  1. Repealing the Wisconsin Equal Pay Act, because women need less money than men (for real?).

  2. Advocated removal of the requirement of mandatory disinfection of groundwater in municipal water systems, a requirement put in place following a Cryptosporidium outbreak that had killed hundreds and left thousands seriously ill in 1993.

  3. Opposes a ban on smoking in bars and restaurant

  4. Wanted single parenthood defined as child abuse

  5. Says sex education makes children gay

He now wants the law that banned people working seven days in a row repealed, saying that requirement that to rest for 24 hours in a week is an unfair restriction.

Wisconsin being the State that has declared war on Government workers already…


I’m not sure you fairly summarized the article. Among other things, it stated that Grothman wanted single parenthood "identified as a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect " That’s not the same thing as defining single parenthood as child abuse.


It was the Catholic Church that pushed for two days off in a work week. The goal was to give people a day to do their shopping and personal chores without interferring with the Sunday rest and Mass attendance.

If a business needs more work done, perhaps they should hire additional workers.


Cool idea, but he forgot to specify the number of working hours per day. Maybe he or his voters “choose” to work 24x24 and yearn for the “freedom” to do so without being burdened with any overtime pay.


Many professions are already on call 24/7. Some aren’t even reimbursed for anything over 40 hours per week. What exactly is he proposing here?


The article says he wants workers to be allowed to work 7 days a week IF they so choose.


From the article:
*He’s proposing legislation that “would allow an employee to voluntarily choose to work without one day of rest in seven,” He (Grothman) explained Friday that when he was in college, he wanted to work seven days a week because it meant he would make more money from overtime.

“So a lot of times, you may have a factory that wants to run more shifts or want to work overtime and is short of people – and the employee wants to work, and the employer wants them to work, why shouldn’t they be able to work?” he asked.*

Currently an employer is prohibited by law to allow a worker to work 7 days a week, even if the employer and employee would like to.

Glen Grothman is a staunch pro-lifer and is under the bulls eye of the left-wing group “One Wisconsin Now.” One Wisconsin Now provided Huff Po with the information for the article. Consider the source :rolleyes:


Communists! Haha jk


The reason this is, is because an employer can very easily tell an employee “you will say you want to do this or you will be fired” in many states. I, for one, am glad that the employers are banned from forcing people to work on the Sabbath :shrug:. I don’t particularly care that the person is pro-life. Pro-life people can be immoral too.



Heck I’m as Pro-life as most on this planet. Consistantly so as a vocal opponent of the Death Penalty too.

But being Pro-Life does not mean you should walk all over the working man and woman and drive them to race to the bottom Terms and Conditions of employment…


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