Global market and ethics

Im getting married soon (yay!) And im working on a wedding registry and I’ve been trying to be social conscious but ive been finding it is harder than ever. There a products like flatware that I can’t guarantee that one of the components didn’t come from things like child labor. I’m doing my best but I feel so much pressure from worry of sin and hurting children it’s driving me crazy.

Best wishes and prayers for you and your beloved as you look forward to marriage.

In your understanding, is it necessary to guarantee it? There are many things we don’t know and have no control over. I see that it is good to learn what we can and do what we can, but what level of certainly is necessary for you?

A completely different approach to the problem is to think of alternatives to the traditional wedding registry. I’m not sure what that would be, but do you have any ideas?

If having a registry is going to bother you this much, don’t have one. Just ask people to contribute to your honeymoon fund or house-warming fund or your favorite charity that works to help children.

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You have posted several times on CAF asking whether different things are sinful or immoral. This sounds like excessive worrying.

Are you speaking with your Priest about this?

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