Global Warming and Thinning Ice Sheets

Some alarming new evidence that global warming will result in rising sea levels.


Omg it is going to be like hell on earth…

Oh wait, according to this article Hell is going to freeze over.

Why are we so arrogant?

Why do we give ourselves so much credit, when we can’t even create a single blade of grass from nothing, but we think we control the earth?

**We surely are stewards of this planet and our own bodies, which are Temples of the Holy Spirit, and we should not pollute or waste resources our children and grandchildren need!
But when we take Billions of $$$$$$$ from programs that could feed, educate and save the lives of millions of people to support “green” programs, most of which are unproven and simply waste, we are just being self-serving..

When we support “carbon offsets” that sound really progressive and intellectually satisfying, but really offset nothing and waste valuable money that could save lives and bring more people to Jesus Christ, we are just being ignorant and selfish!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro NObis Peccatoribus!


This nonsense, again?

When it was reported that the ice shelf called Larsen B had collapsed in Antarctica, concerned scientists went to investigate. Guess what? There was an underwater volcano at the site:

And what is ‘cap and trade’? Here, I’ll trade you 200 points of my pollution for X number of dollars? And the pollution still goes into the atmosphere? Where is the sense in this?


AGREED! All the billions or even quadrillions of money there ever will be cannot change the fact that for millions of years continents move. When stationed in Greenland (1950’s) I heard of fossils of palms, ferns Etc. being found in the cryolite mines (used in aluminum manufacturing).They didn’t just happen to be there, they grew there millions of years ago and thousands of miles south. This idea of changing nature around to suit ourselves is ridiculous. Many of the expenses could bring about a better world if applied differently.

In some parts of Antarctica, ice sheets have been losing 30 feet a year in thickness since 2003, according to the study. Some of those areas are about a mile thick, so they’ve still got plenty of ice to burn through. But the drop in thickness is speeding up.

Hmm… the worst parts have lost 30 ft/year since 2003, so 30*6=180ft. But its a mile thick, or 5280feet. At this rate, we have 200 years to go before the ice melts.

Umm actually thats not what the article is implying at all…This years ice coverage minimum was higher then the past two years by a small amount that is all. Donlt worry no new ice age is coming.

umm yeah it is called sarcasm. I am making fun of the global warming/global cooling folks.

I am not concerned about it one bit. I have a Savior :wink:

All the worrying or the money in the world is not going to do a thing to change the climate even one iota.

Ahh ok but you have to understand I have actually had people seriously say that they think we are heading into an ice age or a period of long term cooling. So thatls why I took you seriously.

Well worrying wonlt do a thing no. And money wonlt do a thing unless the right things are done.

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