Global Warming not to blame for toad extinction

From a Columbia University press release, here’s a case where the early speculation of science was wrong. Originally global warming was blamed, but it turns out to be El Niño helping along an already established pathogen.
El Niño and a pathogen killed Costa Rican toad, study finds
Challenges evidence that global warming was the cause The Monteverde golden toad disappeared from Costa Rica Pacific coastal forest in the late 1980s. Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Scientists broadly agree that global warming may threaten the survival of many plant and animal species; but global warming did not kill the Monteverde golden toad, an often cited example of climate-triggered extinction, says a new study. The toad vanished from Costa Rica’s Pacific coastal-mountain cloud forest in the late 1980s, the apparent victim of a pathogen outbreak that has wiped out dozens of other amphibians in the Americas. Many researchers have linked outbreaks of the deadly chytrid fungus to climate change, but the new study asserts that the weather patterns, at Monteverde at least, were not out of the ordinary.

Gilliam, the blogger you cite is jumping (pun intended) to conclusions. First, the source of the blogger’s claims is a study only in Costa Rica. But the global decline in frogs and toads is global. But second, just because El Nino is fingered as the cause in Costa Rica study doesn’t absolve global warming. Surely, the phenomenon of El Nino interacts with global warming.

I think your blogger is going out on a limb in making his claims.

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