GLORIA: American Catholic Bishops Deal Leftism A Holy Smackdown


an interesting election.

some good news for a change

liberal catholics what do you think?

archbishop naumann disallowed some politicians from receiving Holy Communion in his archdiocese because of their pro-abortion actions

he also severed ties with the girl scouts over their relationship with pph

What the “Seamless Garment” theological position did was put abortion on the same pedestal as other causes like welfare, race relations, social justice, and pacificism. The move enabled liberal Catholics to avoid weighing the gravity of certain objectionable sins, like abortion, against to others that require more discernment before prudential action.

In short, liberal Catholics justified voting for pro-abortion politicians on the basis of issues like universal health care, affirmative action, and government-sponsored poverty programs under the false impression that failing to endorse such causes is just as grave as murdering an unborn child.

A true “Seamless Garment” theology, one untainted by leftism, simply means that pro-lifers cannot neglect other issues or believe that abortion is an excuse to avoid taking responsibility for those in need.

Cupich’s version of the “Seamless Garment” was defeated this week and the unborn will surely benefit because of it.


I think this was the right outcome, but I am interested in how this Cupich managed to get almost half the votes of those voting.


Well, no problem–there are many other churches open for business. It’s the same when Catholics were upset about the priest scandal, or the Church’s stance on Homosexuality or Divorce or any other issue. They seek out a loving God in another church, and, of course, by extension, they take their children and grandchildren with them. We are left proclaiming the"The Truth", while they have the love, joy and support of a new church community, that also worships God . . .oh, but wait, since we have “The Truth” our worship of God is the real deal–with those other “liberal” religions not so much. Their houses in Heaven will not be as nice as ours, and probably no cable or internet.


What do I think? I think the article is the usual rant about “liberals” and “leftists,” without any substance. Sound and fury signifying nothing.


so… you think the Church should allow those who champion the murder of children to reccieve the Eucharist in direct violaton of the laws of the Church?


how do you get this from the article? he forbid it to those with pro-abortion actions


exactly…so why are you angry?


what is your point


from your original post (at least to me) it seemed as though you disagreed with the Church’s view on abortion, due to the fact you think this article is. I, personally, think it is great.


I do not.

I do, however, disagree with the article’s take on the Seamless Garment metaphor, and I object strongly to its pointless kneejerk demonization of “liberals” and “leftism” (whatever those words mean to them.


why? I would say that the liberal and left-leaning portions of America are doing very little good today… supporting abortion on demand, destroying the family unit (the building block of society), filling the ears of children with gender dysphoria… I can go on


The only thing without substance is your response.

@dvdjs I hope you’re listening…


As a pro-life democrat (roughly 1-in-5 dems are…) I’m delighted by this. And still a democrat.


Well, having been pinged, I read the article and your exchange with Inisfallen.


I’m sure you will go on.

But I assure you, speaking as one of the board’s token liberals, we don’t want to destroy the family, we don’t support abortion on demand, and we don’t fill the ears of our children with gender dysphoria.

We are truly pro-life. We believe that there’s more to being pro-life than just opposing abortion.


yes, I agree with that. however, doesn’t the defence of the dignity of life begin in the womb? the first of the 7 principles of Catholic social teaching is the dignity of life, from conception to natural death.


I could not agree more. From conception until death. Pro-life doesn’t end once a child takes its first breath.


The problem then becomes when some, for partisan reasons, ignore the child after birth, which I strongly diagree with


Why do Americans mix politics and religion so much, and are so quick to label their fellow Catholics and even their leaders in the order of bishops with political labels (liberal, conservative, progressive) and make insinuations about them or spread rumors and gossip about them?


Very insightful question to which I have no answer.

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