Gloria in Excelsis Deo


Is the Gloria in excelsis Deo of Jean Paul Lécot liturgical? I heard once that the Gloria during Mass cannot be sung in verses alternated with a refrain. Is this true?


I don’t know that particular Gloria so I can’t comment specifically.

But in general if a Latin Gloria was permitted in the past it is permitted now.

English language Glorias must have the proper English text. In practice it seems that refrain Glorias are permitted but not preferred. An occasional echoed word (or phrase) is usually OK.


When the revised Missal was issued the Gloria could be used as a refrain but only three times. It can still be used as a refrain, the number of times may have changed.


Permitted but through-composed is preferred.


Thanks a lot! I had a few doubts, but they have now been resolved


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