Gloria La Riva (Socialist Party)


Socialist Presidential Candidate Gloria La Riva: ‘We Live Under The Dictatorship Of Big Capital’

SAN FRANCISCO — The two major parties have nominated deeply unpopular candidates, and third-party candidates are drawing nearly unprecedented amounts of attention this election season.

Gary Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico who is running on the Libertarian ticket, and Green Party nominee Dr. Jill Stein are leading the pack of third-party candidates in the polls, but they’re certainly not the only alternative candidates to throw their hats in the ring.

Gloria La Riva, a labor, community, and anti-war activist based in San Francisco, is running for president under the Party for Socialism and Liberation. This isn’t her first bid for public office; she ran for mayor of San Francisco in 1983, finishing third overall, and she was the Peace & Freedom Party’s candidate for governor of California in the 1994 and 1998 elections.

She has also been a key organizer of many mass demonstrations opposing war and occupation in Central America, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, and the former Yugoslavia, among many others.

In addition to her decades of work to defend Cuba’s sovereignty against U.S. oppression, including her support for the Cuban 5, she has traveled to Venezuela multiple times since Hugo Chavez was elected president in 1998, including a trip in 2014, three years after Chavez’s death.



In the interests of maximizing the spread of information about all candidates, I’d like to thank you for starting these last two threads. :thumbsup:

(I seriously doubt that Gloria will be getting my vote :stuck_out_tongue: )


We may want to keep in mind that there are several socialist political parties in the US.

Ms. La Riva represents the Party for Socialism and Liberation. However, there are also the Socialist Party USA (Mimi Solstyk, presidential candidate), and the Socialist Equality Party
(Jerry White, candidate) and the Workers World Party (Monica Morehead, candidate)

(The Party for Socialism and Liberation split off from the Workers World Party in 2004)

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are even more socialist political parties in the US, but which are not running a presidential candidate.

In any event, I can’t imagine myself voting for a third party. Sometimes voting for the lesser of two evils is more important than voting one’s conscience. It is a question of preventing the greater evil from gaining office. :frowning:


I didn’t realize there were so many different forms of the socialist party(parties). Perhaps the differences between the various brands is what aspect of socialism they advocate for.


Socialist groups are pretty renowned for splitting over seemingly minor issues. Think Monty Python - “We’re not the Judean People’s Front! We’re the People’s Front of Judea!”


My protest vote usually goes to the PSL but unfortunately for La Riva I’ve gotta vote Hillary this go-round.


Gloria La Riva is a subversive agent of socialism that is trying to change the United States into a socialist republic. There should be another Joe McCarthy that would keep tabs on and expose people like her. She would not even be allowed to run 60 years ago. She would have been accused of being a Soviet agent. The Soviet Union probably would have backed people like her in order to fuel the global socialist movement. The Party for Socialism and Liberation espouses the exact same ideology as the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. They are openly Marxist-Leninist. I hope that people realize this before they vote for her.


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