Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright Rebuke Young Women Backing Bernie Sanders


As Democrats consider Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for the second time, women are wrestling with a difficult question: whether they have an obligation to get behind someone who is closer than anyone has ever been to becoming the first female president.

And with her opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, outdrawing her in support among young women, Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy has turned into a generational clash, one that erupted this weekend when two feminist icons, Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem, called on young women who supported Mr. Sanders to essentially grow up and get with the program.

While introducing Mrs. Clinton at a rally in New Hampshire on Saturday, Ms. Albright, 78, the first female secretary of state, talked about the importance of electing a woman to the country’s highest office. In a dig at the “revolution” that Mr. Sanders, 74, often speaks of, she said the first female commander in chief would be a true revolution. And she scolded any woman who felt otherwise.

“We can tell our story of how we climbed the ladder, and a lot of you younger women think it’s done,” Ms. Albright said of the broader fight for women’s equality. “It’s not done. There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!”

Mrs. Clinton, 68, laughed, slowly clapped and took a large sip of her beverage.


70 and 80 year old pro-abortionists planning the Revolution!


Maybe the Clinton advocates also can tell us how she plans to restore a 90% no trust rating which is growing by the week.

Mrs. Clinton, 68, laughed, slowly clapped and took a large sip of her beverage.

As bad as that was for Clinton, one has to wonder what she was drinking. She lost by over 50 thousand votes! Rebuke someone, ha, thats a hoot. Disconnected is what it is.


Im not American but if I was I wouldn’t vote for Hilary Clinton.
I don’t like her attitude and don’t think she would be good for America.
As a woman,i would like to see a woman as president but not just any woman.
I think they are underestimating the intelligence of some young women of today who are secure in their selves and their womanhood and don’t feel they have anything to prove.
They wont just vote for any woman for the sake of the winner being female.
Its like if someone is black they shouldn’t vote for a candidate just because their black (or same for any other group).


I vote on the issues. I would never as a woman, vote for Hillary Clinton. I don’t want our tax money to go to fund abortions. I don’t want to be involved in the murders of millions of pre-born babies. And I suspect, this young generation wants the madness of abortion to stop also. How dare she say there is a special place in hell for those women who don’t elect a female president. Hillary Clinton does not represent us.


Well at least she only laughed and clapped, rather than this:


Well, at least it was only laughing and clapping this time


To be fair, Sanders is actually much more liberal than Hillary Clinton overall. He may be harder to defeat in a general election too.


We’ve already been discussing it here


I wonder if Gloria Steinem can point to the day when she sold out the cause that her life is dedicated too? I wonder if there is a special place in Hell for people who try to bully people telling them that there is a special place in Hell for them?

I wonder if Hillary realizes that she is never going to connect with young people if she trots out people who millennials have never even heard of. Gloria Steinem and Madeline Albright? I am 44 and they are too old to be relevant to me.

I am glad that there is no one with common sense at Hillary’s headquarters.


Rumor has it that Hillary had requested Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, but they were unavailable.


Sanders is the salesman telling you to throw out the old model and get a new one.
Hilary is the mechanic who tells you she can fix it, improve the mileage and make it last another 30,000 miles. Which do you think inspires more people?

There’s an opinion piece in the NY Times summing up HRC’s problems titled Hilary Has Half a Dream.


During the heydey of the so-called “sexual revolution/counter’culture” 60s and 70s, Steinem especially was part of the "don’t let anyone tell you what to do … / ‘question authority’ " left. And Ms. Magazine was the ersatz Bible of Feminism.

Another part of that semi-counter-culture movement was a class warfare appeal to the young to “never trust anyone over 30 !” < There were a LOT of young baby boomers back then.

Time moves on and now here are two older women (part of a liberal establishment ‘authority’ of sorts … telling young women what to do.

Older women guiding younger women seems rather a conservative thing to me … provided where they are guiding the young is a good place … and there is a genuine concern on behalf of the older to teach the younger not to make some of the same mistakes the older ones did (or witnessed) that sometimes changed a young person’s life for the worse (and for a long time).

Giselle Hart of Dover, an environmental activist and student at the University of New Hampshire, interrupts and yells at Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, while asking a question during a town hall meeting in Dover, New Hampshire, July 16, 2015. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)
By Greg Richter | Thursday, 16 Jul 2015 06:21 PM

:shrug: Is this because Steinem and Albright are just Hillary operatives and will do anything for their team (even though a full on Socialist like Sanders doesn’t seem that far from their own positions elsewhere)? Is it because Sanders is a man … when a woman is available … and it’s “her turn” (a “fairness” appeal)? Are they merely trying to become relevant again … when almost no other vehicle would get them back in the headlines?

Maybe some young women actually listened to some of the better stands of so-called feminism. Like women should not be harassed, molested or raped by a powerful man with others running interference for him. < Like Billl Clinton in the first place and Hillary in the second, some women have publicly claimed for years.

The “War on Women” narrative (that stunningly seemed to WORK for Obama in 2012 :eek:) … gets blown to pieces with Hillary as the candidate … even Bernie has a better chance to run this successful canard to victory than Hillary (a “rape enabler?” per her getting a rapist of a 12 year old girl off with practically no consequences … by trashing the 12 year old’s character to sway a southern judge in 1975). And her running interference for husband Bill’s alleged peccadilloes (or … felonies).

Days after their rebuke of young women, their candidate was rejected by over 60 percent of her party in a state she won the last time she ran. So much for Steinem and Albright’s influence … even in the very liberal Northeast. I don’t expect to see these two featured highly in Hillary’s campaign in the South.

If they are … Sanders may have a chance down there! IMO. He will still be “not Hillary Clinton” … and the most prominent one in the Democratic Party for now. And apparently, even in the Democratic Party … there are a lot of “not Hillary” folks who felt strongly enough to show up to the polls and vote that way.

:hmmm: Perhaps Madeleine Albright would be a good feminist-entitled “first woman president” substitute for Hillary once she drops out (quits like she did as Secretary of State) or is chased out of the race by voter rejection or indictment? Or is that reserved for Chelsea … who IS old enough to qualify now?


Well said. Would that every person would examine their votes beyond the most cynical class warfare appeals to prejudice. :thumbsup:

I am female on my mom’s side … And both grand mothers’ etc. (About half my DNA … despite being ‘all man’!)


LOL, Hillary’s been hanging out in the garage for a number of years (waiting room) but she’s never actually fixed a car before. She fixed a scooter once, but the rear wheel fell off when the driver was cruising along at 45mph. The scooter represents her Foreign Policy wins.


**resulting in the deaths of an ambassador and some others. As the scooter was wobbling she refused permission for others to intercede and help. After the fiasco she resigned … but not before blaming it all on a YouTube video maker who was subsequently jailed.

But she’s better now. And has a new, well financed machine. That should soon work. :slight_smile:



While Benghazi is tragic, how many civilians have been killed by our failed efforts all across the middle east. On the one hand we were instrumental in fostering the Arab Spring, then we withdrew our military support from Iraq knowing it would destabilize the region.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula (Benghazi video) remains in hiding, I wish he could/would sue to Obama admin. Though since he has a checkered past, I expect he will do nothing.


It seems to me that people who infer that someone is going to hell may have one foot there already. :shrug:


lol. She couldn’t get a permit to exhume Cleopatra. Those pesky Obama regulations are thwarting her plans for world domination.


If I lived in New Hampshire, I think I would have voted for Carly Fiorina. I wonder Albright believes there is a special place in Hell for me?

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