Gloria Steinem tells ABC's Cokie Roberts the U.S. is ready for a female commander-in-chief

Gloria Steinem tells ABC’s Cokie Roberts the U.S. is ready for a female commander-in-chief

Eight years ago people said we were ready for a black CIC and Mr. Obama got elected largely because of his skin color and less so for his qualifications.

How’d that work out?

Not why Obama got elected and he’s done a great job as president, especially with the mess Bush left him to clean up.


I would be shocked if Gloria Steinem said otherwise. After all, feminism is her thing.

My own view is that a female commander-in-chief would be nice provided the woman who leads knows what she is doing. Equally nice would be a Jewish, Muslim, atheist, Latino, Asian, Native American, gay, or disabled commander-in-chief. In all instances, the right qualifications for the job MUST come before all else, especially for this most challenging and powerful of all jobs. We need and want a highly qualified female commander-in-chief, not merely a female. Shouldn’t this go without saying, even for Gloria Steinem?

So true

Good! Now where are we going to find one? Certainly, not HC.

YES! Agreeing:thumbsup:with MB.
(and if a woman ends up being the best one for the job, the US is definitely ready.!)


that was a disaster! let’s not go through this “we need a woman for president” now. we have suffered enough. I just want a competent leader.


I’d say it worked out pretty well, so we’ll he was given 4 more years, and since taking office gas prices have dropped, stock market has soared, job market is great, housing crisis is over, Bin Laden is dead, individual savings rate has increased, general motors is on its feet…but other than that, yeah I guess it’s been a disaster.

I respectfully disagree. Mr. Obama should have been impeached years ago, and tried for treason. :mad:

  1. Gas prices have dropped because there is a glut of oil in the world caused by economic slowdown all over. The President steadfastly refused to allow drilling on federal lands. The reason for increased oil output in this country is because of drilling on private land. To give the president credit for lower gas prices is like giving him credit for the sunshine.

  2. The stock market has regained its legs since 2007 but recent developments do not look overly promising.

  3. The job market is NOT great. Only 63% of the country is working. College graduates are finding that there are no jobs and with the decline in oil prices we are seeing thousands of jobs being cut. To declare the job market “great” is either to be ill informed or purposely deceitful.

  4. The housing crisis was a result of the previous administrations involvement in who qualified for a home loan (hint; everyone, regardless as to whether they can afford it). Please tell us what the President did to solve that issue.

  5. Bin Laden is dead. He gets credit for it but it was really a culmination of years of searching and a moment of opportunity. Any responsible president would have given the order to “go.”

  6. Individual savings has increased? Perhaps for the employed; what about the unemployed?

  7. “General Motors is on its feet.” Ha! Certainly it is on its feet since the government bailed it out! GM didn’t lay off one single worker even though they are over employed and their cost of production is too high. That was the president’s nod to the unions.

Oh, you forgot to mention the “stimulus,” nearly $1 trillion dollars in give away spending that did nothing to stimulate the economy. Remember the “summer of recovery” or the “shovel ready jobs?”

Other than that, I guess you have a point.:rolleyes:

Gas prices happened despite him not because of him. It was due to fracking on private lands which he’s generally opposed and prohibited/impeded happening on public lands. Fracking and increased supply drove OPEC to increase their production and lower prices to try to bankrupt fracking/make it non cost competitive. But yeah, every president gets credit for the good things that happen on his watch, just like they get the blame.

Job market is great? Greatest percentage of the population in our history not participating in the labor market. Greatest income disparity in our history and a disappearing middle class.

Housing crisis is over. For now. But Obama admin is pushing for relaxation of loan criteria, so maybe we’ll do it all again in a few years… kind of like the Clinton era push for relaxation resulting in the last one.

Bin Laden is dead. Rest of the middle east is in turmoil due to various foreign policy decisions like abandoning Iraq, a little non sanctioned warfare in Libya, etc. etc.

Individual savings rates. Yea.

General motors is on its feet. Thank you admin for giving them a bunch of taxpayer money to make it happen. As a taxpayer— where’s our cut of the profits since we ended up shouldering the risk? (kind of like the creditors who were sidelined and took losses, even though they should have been the first paid). Oh, and all the suppliers who cut people and their pensions so the unions got theirs. I think it would have been far better to let them fold, have other manufacturers buy up their assets and take over/compete for GM’s market share. Now we know-- taxpayers will always be the safety backstop for stupid risk taking. Pretty cool when you can do it-- reap the rewards in good years- sluff off the risks on to someone else in the bad.

Oh well off topic. No problem with a female CIC, the CIC is always going to have a slew of advisers- the issue is more setting goals and policies then deciding what the most effective route to achieving them are. Diplomatic means and negotiations, or military force.

I could totally vote for Carly Fiorina, especially if she is running against any of the current Democrats seeking the office.

I agree!

And the most ironic part is that Obama is not really black. He is a mulatto! He was raised by a white mother and white grandparents, lived writhing the white culture and his upbringing was totally white so he isn’t really a black president, he is a dark skinned president who marry a black woman

Isn’t skin tone what it all comes down to for everyone? The world is more shades of gray than black and white.

My 13 y.o. daughter said she wouldn’t vote for “that girl” who wants to be president.

“You mean Hillary Clinton?”

“Yeah. I wouldn’t vote for her because the only reason she wants to be president is so she can be the first girl president.”

I wouldn’t mind a woman commander-in-chief. Margaret Thatcher did a fine job,
and Angela Merkel is Time Magazine’s Man of the Year.

job market is not great and the housing crisis is not over. bin laden is dead and ISIS is terrorizing the world. you call that success?

It has been going on for quite some time. “Subprime”, in fact, never ended. I closed a loan just this morning for 105% of the purchase price of the property and 103% of the (questionable) appraised value. It was FHA insured, of course. There’s plenty of subprime lending going on. It’s just that it’s mostly government insured now, though some of it is privately insured. Lenders learned their lesson, but insurers and the government haven’t.

One could expect that from Gloria Steinem.

But we need to remember that Hillary was the architect of the absolutely disastrous attack on Libya that resulted in radical islamists taking over nearly the entire country and contributing thousands of fighters to ISIS.

And I recall that awful cackle she emitted when she learned that Quaddhafi had been sodomized and killed by a crowd. It was just creepy to hear. And we need to remember too that it was her husband’s administration that bombed Serbia from altitudes too high to aim. Among other things, they hit the Chinese embassy and came within a hair of starting a war with Russia.

People call Trump “crazy”, but to me, Hillary puts Trump in the shade when it comes to “warlike-crazy”.

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