Wonderful site! Alot of videos, especially nice to find are Mother Angelica clips that are part of other shows and not Mother Angelica Live. Just watched Mother in a 3 min clip from a show called “Living the Scriptures”

Site seems to be down at the moment, I am watching a cached copy of it I got doing a google search

here is the link to the video of Mother

main site

Cached link to clip

I occasionally visit Gloratv. Some of the videos there are very, very good but others are…ermmm…troubling. At the moment it is emerging that Donald Spitz from the Army of God group (which supports abortion clinic bombings, murders of abortionists etc.) is a member of the site. See here.

How should Catholics respond to people like this? Should they be tolerated and dialogued with at Catholic sites, or should they be banned?

I don’t know much about how a YouTube-like site works but a person like that if what you say about him is true should not be given any type of platform on a site like if it is at all possible to keep him off of there. There is no debating people and groups like that for Catholics.

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