Glorified Bodies?

I’ve heard many say that we will receive out bodies back at the resurrection but that they will be “Glorified.”

I have some thoughts of my own but would like to hear what anyone knows about the meaning of 'Glorified body."

Early Church Fathers? Doctors of the Church? Catechism or Scripture references?


Aquinas, I think, gave four qualities in his Summa.

However, here is a link that gives seven.

Easy answer,
Your body will be the same as Jesus,post resurrection.

We don’t really know, since the only glorified body ever seen is Jesus’ post-resurrection body!

My favorite story is of medieval theologians who, reasoning that the most perfect shape is the sphere, concluded that we’ll all be happy bouncing balls in heaven! :wink:

(Don’t know if it’s true… but it sure makes for a great story!)

Easy answer,
Your body will be the same as Jesus,post resurrection.

Oh, goodie!!! We all get to be Smileys!!! I want to be this one :extrahappy:

Sounds good to me. I’m ready for that glorified body especially as my current body is not working so well.:grin:

Thank you for that link Jamal. It was a wonderful read and has given me many terms to research further. I can’t thank you enough.


St. Cyril of Jerusalem has a good quote:

"This body shall be raised, not remaining as it is now. But this same body will be raised.

…It shall abide as an eternal body. It shall no longer require for its life such nourishment as now, nor shall it require a ladder for climbing, for it shall be made a spiritual body, a marvelous thing such as we have not the ability to describe."

  • Catechetical Lectures, 18, 1.

St. Cyril also focuses on the Lord’s comment that “The souls of the just shall shine like stars,” and he compares our current bodies to our glorified bodies as being like regular iron vs. molten iron, or a glowworm in the daytime vs. a glowworm at night. (Or if you don’t want to try to picture European worms, think of a firefly, which is much prettier at night.)

How interesting - I was just listening to this sermon yesterday about the resurrection, and it dealt with our glorified bodies and even details those same points in the article Jamal linked:

Jump to about 4:30 in the sermon if you check it out and want to get right to that part.

I’m glad I could help a little.

God Bless!!!

Ive often wondered what our civilization will look like when all these resurrected bodies suddenly inhabit the earth with the living?!

I presume the ones destined for Heaven will obviously be glorious in nature, but what about the ones destined for (or already in) hell? Will they interact with the living when all this happens? Will they be evil, out to harm as many people as possible?

I wonder if it will resemble some ‘night of the living dead’ scenario?!!

Modern Catholic Dictionary:

GLORIFIED BODY. The human body after its resurrection from the dead and reunion with the soul, which beholds the vision of God. This vision is the source of the body’s glorification, described by St. Paul (I Corinthians 15:42-44).

Well, during the final judgment, we’ll be ‘together’ inasmuch as the “goats [will be] on His left and the sheep on His right”… but after that, the presumption is that we’ll separate, right?

That is my thinking as well. As far as I know, the General Resurrection is immediately followed by the General Judgment, so there’s not really a period where the newly resurrected/transformed folks will be wandering around on their own recognizance. Second Coming, resurrection of the dead, transformation of the living, Judgment. Boom. God running the show the whole time.


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