Glossary of Terms

Hello, is there a glossary on this site to explain common abbreviations? In regard to mass, I see NO, EF, OF etc. I try to gather which mass (Latin, in the vernacular, etc) people are talking about, but sometimes I am not able to tell…


EF/TLM: Extraordinary Form of Mass or Tridentine Latin Mass.
OF/NO: Ordinary Form of Mass or “Novus Order”. Most proponents of the Novus Order don’t like the “NO” abbreviation since it can be read as no Mass (as in it doesn’t happen). This is the one most commonly done in the vernacular, though I know it is sometimes prayed in Latin.

Thanks. I always thought TLM stood for Traditional Latin Mass!

It is Traditional Latin Mass too. Some people like to use Tridentine because the TLM was codified by Pope St. Pius V after the Council of Trent.

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