Gloves instead of Vimpae or Vimpas (?)

In our diocese, servers dont use the vimpa to hold the mitre and crozier. Im looking into what we could use as substitute for it can gloves suffice? In the diocese where my seminary is located, I am a religious, the servers use gloves. is this permitted?

Could anybody point out to me a picture of a vimpa or a humeral veil laid out flat on both sides so that I could have 2 made for my diocese.

Thanks a lot

There are not specific measurement requirements. My parish made its own set. I believe that they are 48" x 20" or similar.

Why not go online to the websites of the various church furnishing firms and check sizes and measurements that way? They usually have online catalogues. You don’t have to buy anything. Just google for some names of companies.

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