Gluttony Boundaries Question


Where would a person who has scruples know when he commits gluttony? Gluttony is an overindulgence in food, but what do you guys consider overindulging in food. I understand that there is no 10th of a calorie answer, but anything specific? I already asked my confessor a while back, but I would like your input.


As a person in recovery from disordered eating, it’s eating after physical hunger is satisfied.

I try very hard not to scruple over this, because that by itself can be a form of disordered eating - to think over and obsess over food intake. But it took a lot of therapy to get to that point. I used to have an accountability person who helped me create and stick to an eating plan.


Listen to your confessor. If you’re having problems with being waaaay to scrupulous, this is best handled between you and your confessor.


Yes, listen to your confessor. He knows you, cares and can help you best.



Listen to your confessor. He knows you and your heart best, other than God, of course.


Don’t be scrupulous about it. You will receive plenty of nit-picky answers here that aren’t true. Gluttony to the point of making yourself sick is sinful. Refusal to give food to the poor and needy (or money to relief organizations…your Sunday offering is fine) when you have plenty to eat is sinful. That’s it. :slight_smile:


I like this answer. :thumbsup:


Eating for the sake of eating.


It is important for one with scruples to have that regular confessor to guide them.

Reason, the virtue of temperance, and good judgement of conscience can guide one in ones eating. Though it is to be noted that what is contrary to temperance for one is not for another and as at least one Saint reminds us–this is a area that is a difficult one where many struggle.

It is NOT an exact science!

Also note that with such over eating one is dealing often with venial sin --not serious (an example of serious gluttony is loosing ones reason via being drunk…). It is important to note this for some get confused on this subject. Not that venial sin should be taken lightly but those with scruples can mistake it for mortal (and everyone struggles with venial sins…)

Individual acts of overeating…intemperance (gluttony in this sense) are ordinarily a “venial matter” for venial sin…

(Now certain uncorrected habits that cause at least in the short term -serious problems -can become grave…like perhaps your doctor tells you if you keep eating 20 pieces of cake a day you will seriously harm your health or drop dead in three months or something…)

We should seek to live by virtue here and to eat reasonably…and for a person with scruples in that aread that would also include seeking to avoid and act against such scruples with the guidance of ones confessor.


Gluttony is imposed by a radical proof to understand immorality.


Yeah but it’s not sinful unless in excess to making oneself sick. If you eat so much you are getting very nauseous or throwing up, or you are eating so much you are jeopardizing your health, then that can be sinful.


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There is no specific amount.

Modern Catholic Dictionary:

GLUTTONY. Inordinate desire for the pleasure connected with food or drink. This desire may become sinful in various ways: by eating or drinking far more than a person needs to maintain bodily strength; by glutting one’s taste for certain kinds of food with known detriment to health; by indulging the appetite for exquisite food or drink, especially when these are beyond one’s ability to afford a luxurious diet; by eating or drinking too avidly, i.e., ravenously; by consuming alcoholic beverages to the point of losing full control of one’s reasoning powers. Intoxication that ends in complete loss of reason is a mortal sin if brought on without justification, e.g., for medical reasons. (Etym. Latin glutire, to devour.)


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