Gluttony help needed

Tonight I had dinner and along with it had a small amount of Apple pie. A couple hours later I also had another desert snack in the form of a pastry. Would this be considered gluttony? I’m afraid if it’s a mortal sin because I know about gluttony as a sin, I knew I was satisfied with my hunger, but I did it anyways because I wanted to satisfy my taste buds. But usually people refer to gluttony as overeating, and in this scenario I believe I didn’t overeat. Any suggestions, advice, and help is appreciated!

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The title of your post mentions the word scrupulous. Your post screams scrupulosity. On this forum, we are advised not to answer posts such as these. Please seek help offline for your scrupulosity from a priest and possibly a mental health professional. Refrain from posting is this a sin/did I sin type questions here as it can actually make your scruples worse. You may also find that your thread gets flagged and shut down by moderators.


I wouldn’t worry about it :slightly_smiling_face:I think many of us do similar once in a while.If it was all the time ,that would be a problem .

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Fyi, this is from Fr Marin (in his work “The Theology of Christian Perfection”) (the work has the imprimatur):


The sense of taste can constitute an obstacle to perfection by reason of its immoderate inclination to eat and drink. Lack of mortification in this sense is called gluttony. According to St. Thomas, gluttony is the disordered appetite for food and drink,15 one of the vices opposed to the cardinal virtue of temperance. God placed in nourishment a pleasure which has for its purpose the guarantee of the nutritive function for the conservation of the life of the individual. In itself, to experience that pleasure does not imply any imperfection, and not to experience it would be a physiological deformity. But since original sin, the concupiscible appetite has been withdrawn from the control of reason and tends to exceed the limits of reason. Then this sensation becomes sinful, because the nature of man is rational and that which goes contrary to reason is evil for human nature and is contrary to the will of God.

Moderation of the sense of taste offers a special difficulty, since we cannot prescind entirely from it. On the one hand, it is necessary to nourish ourselves in order to preserve life; on the other hand, it is necessary to keep oneself within the limits of reason, without permitting the natural delight to become the primary purpose of eating.

According to St. Gregory and St. Thomas,16 one can incur the vice of gluttony in the following ways: eating outside the proper time and without necessity; eating with too great an avidity; seeking exquisite fare; preparing food with excessive delicacy; eating too much in quantity.


Whether or not you have to deal with the issue of scrupulosity, the internet is not the place to ask moral questions concerning your specific behavior. While there are some priests and deacons who are members, they may or may not see your post.

The best answer is from your confessor as no one here is such (including any priests herein).

This is not the place to be making your confession, Your parish is that place.

And to reiterate: if you suffer from scrupulosity, this absolutely is not the place to hash out this matter. You need to choose a confessor, stick with them, let them know this is a problem in your life, and stay off the internet as that will only feed your problem and make your life more difficult than it already is.

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