Gluttony-mortal sin?

Is mortal sin to eat when not hungry and to eat just for the purpose of eating delicious food (i.e. great taste of food)?

Occasionally, in moderation? No. Frequently, to the point of endangering your health? Maybe, I guess.

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Well, we shouldn’t be eating merely for the pleasure that we get from eating. That is disordered and backwards. The purpose of eating is to sustain ourselves, and the good taste/pleasure we receive from eating is only a secondary thing.

As to wether or not it is a mortal sin, St. Thomas says that it is gluttony (in all her species) is usually venially sinful:

I answer that, As stated above (Article 1), the vice of gluttony properly consists in inordinate concupiscence. Now the order of reason in regulating the concupiscence may be considered from two points of view. First, with regard to things directed to the end, inasmuch as they may be incommensurate and consequently improportionate to the end; secondly, with regard to the end itself, inasmuch as concupiscence turns man away from his due end. Accordingly, if the inordinate concupiscence in gluttony be found to turn manaway from the last end, gluttony will be a mortal sin. This is the case when he adheres to the pleasure of gluttony as his end, for the sake of which he contemns God, being ready to disobey God’s commandments, in order to obtain those pleasures. On the other hand, if the inordinate concupiscence in the vice of gluttony be found to affect only such things as are directed to the end, for instance when a man has too great a desire for the pleasures of the palate, yet would not for their sake do anything contrary to God’s law, it is a venial sin.”

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Yes eat when hungry, sleep when tired, breathe if you’re going blue.

We do have plenty of feast days in our calendars, we observe fasting so why not feasting. Most people know when they’re overeating though I think.

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Imo, God gave us abundance to enjoy. Why deprive ourselves of the gifts of God unreasonably? Fast often for spiritual growth, yes, but don’t just not enjoy food because you think eating too enjoy is wrong.

To put it another way… Today I ate 4 times when I wasn’t hungry at all (and I didn’t eat proper meals, but random food in the kitchen). The second time while eating I realized that I may be commiting mortal sin and I got that voice in my head telling me to stop eating. The food was tasty and I sort of told myself “I don’t care that God wants me to stop eating”. After that I ate little more and then “the voice” told me that if I continued eating i would commit a mortal sin, so I immidiately stopped (afterwards I ate again without being hungry and I didn’t have feeling like I am doing something wrong). I’m still not quite sure whether I have commited a mortal sin. I don’t have a possibility to talk to a priest so I need your honest help.

This sounds like scruples. We cannot help. You need to see a priest.

Talk to a priest (and possibly a doctor if you find yourself compulsively overeating when you’re not hungry).

I think that this is the answer. Obesity is an American epidemic today at least partly because of the additives placed in foods by the food companies. These additives enhance the flavors of the foods and make it more difficult to adhere to a strict and healthful dietary regime.

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