I have a Gmail account. That’s great and all, but I have entered my age incorrectly. The problem is that there is no way to change it back as of now.

My age is so far off, that it seems I must’ve meant it to be wrong. Which would be lying, right? However, I don’t know if it would be of “grave matter” (at least I think I don’t… I think. I hope.)… so it would’ve only been venial, right? It *isn’t of “grave matter”, **is it?

But what do I do? I mean, do I have to live with my lie or make a new account. If I hadn’t been using the one I’m using right now, I would’ve probably made a new account… but as of now I have my contacts on my phone and other things hooked up to it. It would be a mess (at least I think it would) if I were to try to transition over to a new email account.

Now, Google’s Terms of Service basically mean that in the USA you have to be 18, but since they don’t enforce it (on my age that I guess I lied about, it says I’m 17 (which is still older than I am), but still let me join), it was decided by this forum as okay to use anyways.

So. What do I do?

*EDIT: replaced *“wouldn’t be” with “isn’t” and **“would” with “is”

EDIT 2: Google’s Terms of Service basically says you have to be 18 (although it’s masked by legal talk) in the USA to use any of their services -including Search, I think. section 2 part 3.

I would say that is was venial at most, as you clearly do not know if it is a mortal sin and, at least in my opinion, it is not of a grave matter. So, if I understand correctly, two of the three conditions for mortal sin were not met. I am pretty sure that they have that in there more as a way to defend themselves from getting sued. Such as, if a minor were to be targeted by a sexual offender. Not that lying about your age is okay, but I think that it is a venial sin at most. If you are concerned about it you can go to Confession and ask your priest about the gravity of the sin.

If you simply made a mistake its not a sin of any kind!!

Except for the minimum age requirement, Gmail isn’t entitled to know your correct age. No sin here.

i think what you have to consider here is, that chances are, no one will even notice, and if they do, they won’t care…there is no harm done whatsoever, and although they say you must be 18 or older, they really don’t care, they know there’s plenty of kids under 18 on there, they only put that in for legalistic reasons.

don’t worry, this is no sin, especially since you really didn’t lie to any person, you haven’t deceived or misled anyone…and i wouldn’t call this even venial let alone mortal.

and to be more clear, a lie is a false statement made with *deliberate *intent to deceive, you have not done this deliberately to deceive, you only did it to sign up for an e-mail account, which you know will not effect anyone or anything negatively, so…don’t worry about it.
ok? take care.

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