Gnosticism: The True Traditional Catholicism

A bit of a theory I’ve been inspired with is the possibility of an ecumenical dialogue between the Gnostic Church and the Roman Catholic Church, that could unite countless Christians by restoring Christianity to Her truest root - Gnosticism. So as to not write too much here are the basic points:

*]Gnosticism is the True Catholicism
*]Jesus is the Christ
*]Mary is the Sophia
*]God is universal
*]“Vatican Councils” and others cannot bring weight down upon Christianity, because Christ did not institute Councils to decree Christian Faith, but individual Apostolic Succession
*]Therefore, it follows that the Pope is NOT infallible, and that simply because something is declared a Dogma of the Faith, does not make it Catholic
*]Due to the Gnosticism of True Catholicism, Christ rejects the hateful judge of the Old Testament and declares that the True God who fulfills the Law is a God of Love and the only sin lies in this Mystery
*]The Pope is the Successor of St. Peter and unity of the Church, it’s influential leader, but no more
*]Acceptance of all branches of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church into union considering their acceptance of this Holy Catholic teaching
*]Restoration of the full Tridentine Mass, the Mass of All Time, with indults for other Masses to be granted by local Bishops

:rolleyes: As a former neopagan, I respectfully inform you that this is utter nonsense. :rolleyes:

Haha, I see. I know it won’t happen - ever. I still want to hear some arguments, though.

I think our leadership is concentrating on ecumenism with other Trinitarians, but mostly the Orthodox.

Maybe I can put in a word for your group. How many souls ya got?

You’ve stated assertions without any evidence. Profer some arguments so we can deal with them.

Haha… infinitely many possibilities… Does that count?

In your heart of hearts, do you actually believe yourself?

Yes, but I recognize that this is a Catholic forum and I’ve been thoroughly-enough indoctrinated in traditional Catholic teaching to know that my heart of hearts doesn’t count. Truth stands outside of our personal needs, wants, beliefs, etc… and all are accountable to it.

Point is, I really believe in Gnosticism - but not necessarily the above because even if I did I couldn’t really prove it as I’m no professor and have no access to any information. Even if I did, who would take me seriously? The Pope?

So if you’re denying that something can truly be known in our heart of hearts (which I didn’t mean to simply refer to our wants but to an informed conscience and a will united to God’s), yet you admit you can’t provide any evidence as to why you believe in Gnosticism, then I repeat: why?

I honestly don’t have too much except the Gnostic Gospels, which I feel are authentic, the Scriptures that are in use by the mainstream Church today, and the dogmas of the Catholic Church.

For instance, Christ obviously conferred a special authority on St. Peter in the famous verse where He declares that upon St. Peter the Rock He will build His Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against Her, but there is not authority conferred on Councils to later declare that the Successor is infallible.

This is the first step in refuting modern Catholic teaching. By the way, I don’t mean to offend anyone. I’m just throwing ideas around and know full-well that nothing is going to change me or anyone else on this forum. Anyhow, this would be the first step in breaking dogmaticism.

With the breaking of dogmaticism, Gnostic ideas could flood the Church as people opened up their hearts to a more spiritual view of Christianity, which they would feel sympathized more with them and resonated with humanity universally.

The restoration of the Tridentine Latin Mass would serve to unite the Church further, and because of it’s dual esoteric and exoteric value. It would show that in the Fullness of the Church esoteric and exoteric and all things are reconciled in the Light of Christ’s Divine Institution.

No, no… I’m saying that in my heart of hearts I have absolute faith in the gnosis, but that it won’t bear any weight as evidence with Catholics so there’s no point.

Since you believe in Gnosticism…which has nothing to do with christianity and the Roman Catholic Church…I would suggest going to their forum and not come here and insult our faith with your heretical views… I take this as an attack on the Holy Roman Church and the Sacrament of Christ instituted at the Last Supper. Are you trolling here…think you’re cute, bad…

No, and I apologize if that’s how I came off. If that’s how people feel about my being here then I’ll just go.

No, stick around. Give us a chance to convert you. :wink:

I don’t mean to be rude, but from your own characterization of the reasons you believe in gnosticism (dogmas and scriptures of a Church you claim to be in error combined with gospels condemned as heretical by the very same Church), along with what seems to be selective application of the principle of sola scriptura (pointing out that you don’t believe there are any explicit instances of authority being conferred on Councils in the Bible), I don’t see how you’re much different than any other protestant.

I guess I’m trying to imagine the Church before the First Vatican Council, during the period of the Apostles. Before all the dogmas that were developed throughout the centuries.

I’ve reverted back and forth too many times as it is. :slight_smile:

See, there is potential for meaningful dialogue, as the ecumenists say. :smiley:

Yeah, but unfortunately those dialogues can only go on for so long before you just give up on them.

It’s good exercise for the typing fingers.

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