Gnotics dislike of flesh


From my limited understanding (and correct me if I am wrong) gnostics have a dislike of all things carnal or fleshy. Does anyone know why? Thanks and God bless.


From what ive read from William Baristone who wrote a book entitled the Other Bible which consist of such writing from the Essences, Gnostics, Aprocrayphal and the Jewish Psedugripha (Spelling?) The reason why Gnostics abhored flesh and sex was essentially because it was from Iadobiaphoia (i cant remeber how to spell it) This was, in the eyes of gnostics essentially the God of the Old Testment. According to Gnostic text there Was a God who was up in this place known as pleroma who along with his wife Sophia (meaning knowledge) sent there son first as a serpent to liberate adam and Eve from the tyrinical God from the old testment Iadobiaphia. Essentially this because this evil God created this world essentially everything that is a part of his creation is contaimnated.
Interesting to note from what ive read i thinkk they use to celebrate the eucharist with semen. i dont know its something i remeber reading about does anyone know what im refering to?

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