Go and preach the gospel-how relevant in this internet age?


One of the main obligations for Christians is to spread the good news of the gospel as clearly told by Jesus .Our entire missionary work is based on this.To do this among the people who have not heard about Jesus/Bible (which was the position initially)was no doubt a strenuous effort but it appears that the challenges are more now.First of all in view of the modern communication methods (including internet) there is not much need to physically go to some place to spread the news.Also the people would have already heard about Jesus and Bible through the media or through the enemies of church and decided to accept or reject ie.to continue in their existing belief or religion.More important is the position that in many countries now, religious conversion is practically impossible consequent on stringent laws.Does the obligation of the Christians in this regard ,therefore ,require reworking?


There are still some places in which access to media/communication/internet is still limited. There are still some “uncontacted” groups in today’s world.
In fact even a few years ago, a small group/tribe was "found’ in in the Amazon which had no contact with modern society. If I remember correctly in this case,however, the decision was made to not contact them since we would pose a risk to them disease-wise.

But I do see your point, as we contact more and more people, maybe the “Go and Preach” will take on a new meaning. Maybe social media :D:D


If the effective method of giving the Good News was purely a matter of words, then it would have been more effective to post flyers around the Mediterranean and sit back and wait on the converts to roll in.

While the original source of this quote is uncertain, it is often attributed to Saint Francis of Assisi:

Preach the gospel, and if necessary, use words.

Electronic words are nearly useless for showing God’s gift to mankind in Christ Jesus. While nearly all the world has access to the Gospel message via the internet, they also have access to every lie that Satan would have them to believe.

IF we want their attention, we must involve our eyes, our hands, and our voice. We must live the Gospel message before them; showing the love of God to all our neighbors and for each other - Catholic and Protestant.

Gospel tracts and internet blogs are for those with questions but ineffective for unbelievers.


Still Some!? Try most.

And that is just access to the internet. Much less the ability to search for Jesus and hear the Gospel! Sometimes we have so much information at our fingertips that the really important information evades us.


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