Go and tell the others what you have seen


St Mary Magdalene

Celebrated on July 22nd


It’s a pity this falls on a Sunday . We have much to learn from this saint about whom much nonsense has been written .

She is the patron of repentant sinners and the contemplative life.

One of the followers of Christ, Mary Magdalene has been identified as the woman who anointed Jesus’ feet with a precious oil. She was the first person to see the Risen Christ. On Easter Day she was weeping near the empty tomb when she saw a man who she thought was a gardener. He asked her why she was weeping. She replied: “Sir if you have carried him away tell me where to and I will come and take him.”

The man was Jesus. He told her to go and tell the others what she had seen.

There are many apocryphal legends about Mary. In France it said that she evangelised Provence with her sister Martha and brother Lazarus. Hundreds of churches across Europe are dedicated to her , including this Anglican church in town - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



How wonderful :innocent:

I was thinking about buying a painting -
It’s of a lady, by Jesus’s feet, long hair , a thoughtful expression…
Just her face - and His feet -
When I read that account in the Bible -
I sometimes well up with tears -
And have to stop reading -
And then read slowly - so as not to weep.

The same thing happens - when I read the account -
Of the woman begging the help of Jesus -
For her daughter -
And Jesus kind of brushes her off -
And she persist -
I start welling up at that too - powerful readings !


I really doubt that she is that Mary.


Me, too. My priest said as much, Mary Magdalene is not the sister of Martha and Lazarus.


They have been traditionally associated as the same person.


Yes and I think it makes sense. We are told many converted after the resurrection of Lazarus so it would make sense that the Jewish authorities would look to get rid of them after getting rid of Jesus. So put them in a boat without any provisions so they die, then God intervening and miraculously taking them to the French coast. God works in mysterious ways.


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