Go Big or Go Home: How "Big" Has Invaded the Church

We are a nation in love with big things. We are told to dream big, live large, score high, rack up an impressive following, and measure success in ever-rising numbers. Measuring is key to success—we need proof and we need it often. Trusting in God is all well and good, but that will hardly help us raise the money we need for our Big Screen lives.

The church was never meant to be in the business of “big”; still, we can’t seem to escape its perpetual temptation. Where once our love of scale took the form of Cathedrals grand enough to offer a foretaste of heaven, today, we covet leaders with big visions for growing the church and innovative programs to implement them. (If there’s a pastor search document in America that reads: “We’re looking for someone to shrink the church,” I’d like to see it). As the Church is just a bunch of folks as susceptible to the love of “big” as the culture has proved to be, she’s fallen prey to the 21st-Century American telos: big = best.


Well, I really love those big old stone cathedrals and churches. Not so much for the bigness, but more for the grandness (are those words?). Our church is fairly new, modern looking and kind of round. Meh.

The subject / object of the article is the “Church”.

"Church" was mentioned in the article and in the responses, 82 times.
Catholic is mentioned 0 times.

What does that tell you? they aren’t talking abou the Church

There is only ONE Church. The Catholic Church. This article is about “the Church”.

The article is talking about protestantism and protestant realities. They aren’t “Church” nor “The Church”

They call themselves “Church”, or “the Church” but that’s not a reality except in their own minds.

Only Jesus and His apostles can start “the Church”. It’s
*]One (837 )
*]Holy, because of Jesus who started and sustains it and gives all His promises to it
*]Catholic Because it teaches and believes the same everywhere with everyone
*]Apostolic, goes without saying.
[/LIST]“The Church” began at Pentecost, and is here today #[FONT=Arial]34 with pope Francis 267th successor to St Peter at the helm[/FONT]

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