GO marriage & Civil Divorce- Need Catholic Marriage after 20 years

I was married in the Greek Orthodox Church, my wife divorced me after 3 years (was deployed overseas constantly).
Now 19 years later I am married again civilly, for over 10 years, and would like to officially marry in the Catholic Church. The local Catholic Church, as we all know, will not touch this without a ecclesiastical divorce from the GOC. The local GO Parish refused to help me file for an ecclesiastical divorce because I am not a Parish member. The Father in the local GO Parish took and sat on my GO marriage cert for 9 months and just returned it to me.
Will my wife and I be denied salvation if we cannot be joined in the sacrament of marriage in the eyes of God?
Please help with guidance or suggestions.

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No, we don’t know that, because it’s simply isn’t true.

Even with a GOC recognition, you would still need to go apply for a decree of nullity.

You need to see your local RC priest.


I’d write to the Bishop of the eparchy (diocese) if the parish won’t help. I’m sure you’re not the first divorced Orthodox that the Catholic Church has dealt with and there is probably a solution. Praying for you.

Thanks for the suggestion,
Can the Catholic Church grant me a decree of nullity for a GOC marriage?
The only GOC “recognition” I have is the GOC marriage certificate. What did you mean by GOC recognition?

This isn’t accurate.

Yes, if there are grounds for nullity.

Please go talk to your local Catholic pastor.

It’s not clear if you are Catholic or you are Greek Orthodox and your current civil spouse is the Catholic.

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The original post here is a very unclear.

Not only “can”, but it is necessary before you can be married in the RCC.

That the GOC granted the divorce (I think it’s more a grant of economía allowing marriage than a divorce, but there are those where who will give a more exact answer) may come into consideration.

Decrees of nullity issue regularly for non-catholic marriages.

I was married to a greek woman through the GOC in 1998.
In 2000 I was deployed for two years overseas. When I came home in 2001 she had filed for a divorce.
In 2009 I remarried (civil) a Catholic woman. In 2016 we decided to try to make things right and get married with the blessings of the lord. We approached our local Catholic church and the father told us that the only way he could marry us was if I obtained a ecclesiastical divorce through the GOC.
I visited a GOC parish and the father there took my GOC marriage certificate, had me fill out some forms, told me I would have to appear in front of a GOC tribunal, and present my case.
Eight months later, the GOC padre returned the GOC marriage certificate and said there was nothing more he could do.
I still rotate back and forth from Afghanistan and every time I am back home with my wife, we look for a solution that will grant us the opportunity for salvation together when the day comes. My wife is a devout Catholic and in my eyes an angel.

This is why I am searching for the possibility of the Catholic church being able to nullify the GOC marriage. I was never a practicing steward or other of the GOC.

I hope this is enough detail to merit something besides criticism from this forum.
BuscSalv - Buscando Salvation

I’m sorry, sometimes priests make mistakes.

Please contact your diocesan tribunal office and discuss it with them.

It doesn’t appear that anyone was criticizing you, just trying to understand.

You are not GO or Catholic, it seems. Did you get baptized in the GO Church to marry your first wife? Was it the first marriage for both of you? Are you baptized at all?

There are a lot of variables. People here aren’t going to be able to do anything, but we can make suggestions.

I would recommend you contact the St Joseph Canon Law society for help. With a GO marriage in the mix, it might be wise to have someone very knowledgeable in canon law.


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I do thank everyone for their input and suggestions.
I will make contact with the St Joseph Foundation.
I was baptised as a baby.

Thanks again to all and any help offered is appreciated.

Hope the shamdemic gets over soon so the Masses can continue in person.


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