Go up and receive a blessing or stay in seat?

I’m not baptised into the Catholic church yet. Which is better ettiquette; going up having the preist bless me, or should I simply stay in my seat?

Stay in your seat. That is not merely ettiquette, it is actually a directive of the Church that blessings are not to be given individually during Holy Communion.


Do not go up for a blessing. The Holy See has already addressed this and instructed that blessings are not to be done during Communion-time.

This applies to anyone who isn’t receiving Communion, regardless of the reason.

Do not go up for a blessing. The Holy See has already addressed this and instructed that blessings are not to be done during Communion-time. …Can you give documentation, Thanks ?

Fr. J at my church says that we are to come up to receive a blessing…could this possibly be different because I’m going through RCIA?

I didn’t think it mattered…I thought that for those not planning to receive communion, there was the option to stay seated or receive a blessing. :shrug::shrug:

kbwall and DSJJ,

Please see the attachment. This is a letter from Rome in response to this issue. This would not be different for anyone in RCIA. It applies to anyone and everyone at a Roman Catholic Mass.

Welcome to you! I hope your spiritual journey in RCIA is very fruitfull!

For all of you saying “do it”, please see the following letter from Rome. It clearly says that those not able to receive communion should not receive a blessing, and priests shouldn’t give them.


The full discussion and explanation of the letter is here: forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=292341

We were directed today during mass, for all EMHCs that we are NOT to give a blessing (THANK GOD!!!) to people that come forward during communion. We were finally told accurately that only Bishops, priests and deacons have the ability to impart a blessing. BUT, we were told that we are now to place our hand on their shoulder and tell them “May God bless you” (justified because the touch is important - haugwash). So a least we aren’t required to give a blessing, but rather it is replaced by another act that is not in the rubric. When will this all stop?

I have to tell you, I was thinking the SAME question today. I have been on my journey for almost a year now and have always received a blessing from the priest. I should be entering the Church this Easter and I don’t think I’ve ever been told about not receiving the blessing. :blush:

Stay in your seat, you get the blessing at the end of mass.

How did they respond when you brought up the letter from the CDWDS that specifically addressed this issue? Point 3. "…the laying on of a hand or hands—which has it’s own sacramental significance, inappropriate here—by those distributing Holy Communion, in substitution for it’s reception, is to be explicitly discouraged.

I’ve never brought up the letter because I just found the one on here tonight. I am already on the “S___” list of the pastor, who is actually a good priest and has really transformed our parish to a really Catholic looking one. I went to the seminary and am part of a large family of Protestant clergiman. I’m not easily intimidated but because I’m discerning the diaconate I have to keep my nose down OR ELSE! After I’m ordained I will continue to do the best I can, without being disobendient to the Bishop, which may prove to be difficult. It’s like Satan took over the Church 2000 years ago and nothing has been straight ever since. All this talk about Vocations is a bunch of melarchy created by men wanting to control the Church, not what God taught…I’m referring to the illicit politics. The irony is that a deacon has directed all parishes within our diocese to cease this action with the support of the Bishop. Thank God. But now how to handle the new stupid gesture designed by liberal or progressive ideas never seen in the Catholic Church until the past 50 years.

If good people want to get into solid positions in the Church to circumvent the dissenters they have to lay low. Otherwise they’ll be cut off at the knee caps, which happend to me when I was in a Catholic seminary trying to deal with the hierarchy that supported to homosexual seminarians that were winking at each other all the way through ordination. I nearly lost my faith in God over all of this many years ago, as I’ve said before. Fortunately I am stubborn and went on a search for God, but outside of the Catholic Church because I thought it was a lie. I went to an even more conservative belief.

Funny isn’t? Sometimes you truly “find” God outside the Church, and it He who walks you back to the right path. Just when you think God has left you, you realize He has always been there. Same thing happen to me (in context of finding God outside and then returning).

Yes. it is funny. But it’s kind of scary. It made me wonder really if people are that confuse whether they are invenicibly ignorant becuase of what happens to what they beleived to be true and the higher ups don’t even teach or defend the truth. In my case, I’m just thankful that I am back home, safe from the outside crazy world of the church of what’s happening nowers. Praise God for blessing us.

Maybe it would help to think about this in light of the Real Presence. Jesus is present at Mass to the congregation, body, blood, soul and divinity, hidden behind the appearance of bread and wine. His divinity was hidden behind His humanity when He walked the earth, but nevertheless He was God.

Suppose a person was walking down the street with his parish priest. They both turn the corner and find Jesus standing in front of them, present to them. What would they do? Would the lay person turn to his priest and ask for a blessing and the priest place his hand on the lay person’s head and give it a little rub? Wouldn’t that seem a little inappropriate or silly?

At Mass Jesus is present. Do you want some extraordinary minister rubbing your head to give you a blessing, or a priest, right there in front of Jesus.

Faith in the Real Presence is dimminiashed and this special blessing nonsense is one of the reasons.

Jesus would be good enough for me; although i would expect He is present at many other situations and circumstances not connected to RC Mass.

At Mass He is present in body, blood, soul and divinity. He is present in Person, the same way He is present to the host of heaven where He is worshipped by them, risen from the dead and ascended into heaven bodily. The Mass unites the worship of heaven and earth. The Church in both places is one, because she worships the same person. It is the same worship. We on earth worship in faith. In heaven the worship is face to face.

Jesus may indeed be present in many other cirecumstances, but not in the same way.

“I am the bread come down from heaven”. “My body is REAL food. My blood is REAL drink”. “Unless a man eats my body and drinks my blood he has no life in Him.”

He spells it out pretty clearly. Those who do not believe His words go away from Him.

The Mass is really difficult for non-believers to understand or accept. Blessed are those who are called to His supper.

That is why they are not Catholics.

They are like the Jews who followed Him, because they heard Him speak and saw some miracles, but left when it came to the eating His flesh and drinking His blood part. Even His apostles did not understand it. “Lord this is a DIFFICULT saying, but only you have the words of eternal life”.

No one understands it. It is difficult. It is beyond our comprehension. That is why it is called sacred mystery. God is incomprehensible. We can understand some, but not all.

We have His words and over the centuries thousands of Eucharistic miracles and the testimony of the lives of the saints going back to the beggining.

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