Goal Setting & The Miracle Equation


I was just listening to a podcast and the interviewee, discussing his new book, said that he believes he was able to win his fight with cancer because 1: he had unwavering faith that he would (& he repeated that mantra every time fear set in) and 2: he had unwavering effort (in other words, he did everything in his ability to win the fight, i.e. chemo, healthy eating, acupuncture, etc.)
I do get the importance of positive thinking. Our minds are incredibly powerful and often lead us in one direction or another. And our disposition makes a difference, i.e. if we don’t believe that God can work His miracles in us, then His miracles won’t work in us. I guess because Jesus was never mentioned in the podcast or his faith in Christ (or anything besides himself), it left me with an uneasy feeling.
What do Catholics believe when it comes to goal setting? What is the mantra that we should play in our head?


The only mantra we should be repeating is “Thy Will be done.”

Anything else would fall firmly in the realm of superstition. Thinking positively does appear to help mental health, and may improve the chance that a treatment will be effective, but it’s not the power of positive thought that cures us. It’s not the power of repeating a mantra that saves us.


That is exactly what I thought.


Positive thinking can only get you so far. Prayer works real miracles for the person who has great faith and trust in God.


I agree with all that’s been said thus far, but don’t discount the importance of positive thinking. Negative thinking has been linked to real physical/mental/emotional illnesses (or worsening, thereof); positive thinking and the will to thrive is a must as well, as doctors in critical situations will advise you.

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