Goan Inquisition

I am looking for information and resources in order to study the Goan Inquisition and the church’s role in the Portuguese colonies in India, any ideas.

Figure out Portuguese search terms, as well as the search terms in common Indian languages used in Goa.

Check Portuguese and Indian libraries for digitized manuscripts and books.

Are there Portuguese and Indian libraries in the USA?

An online library of digitized books and manuscripts is everywhere!

But yes, there are probably also US institutions with holdings in Portuguese or in Indian languages. (Maybe Boston, since there are tons of Portuguese-Americans in Massachusetts.) There is also the wonder of microfilm! (Heh, I bet some of you kids out there have never had to use a microfilm reader.) Also, some institutions subscribe to large databases of digitized documents and will let you use them, whereas otherwise they’d be behind a very expensive paywall.

Worldcat.org is where you search for most university library holdings, if you already know the names of books or if you have a good idea of subject headings or keywords. You don’t have to sign up for an account, but you should tell Worldcat what zipcode or location you’re in. That way, it will list holdings in order of their distance from you. :slight_smile:

You might also want to write/email/phone one of the institutions with big Spanish and Mexican Inquisition primary document holdings, the Bancroft Library over at UC Berkeley. Institutions and collectors with overlapping interests often know a lot of helpful things about places to look and people to talk to.

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