God Absolutely Trusts Us!


And you, you who are my messenger, in you I place my absolute trust.
Our Lady of Guadalupe to St. Juan Diego

While I was reading the account of Our Lady’s apparition to St. Juan Diego, this leaped from the pages. Mary placed her “absolute trust” in St. Juan, and, with her, God! And if him, then me, and all of us!

This affirmation, that God absolutely trusts me, has comforted me and brought me more strength than all my promises I made that I trust Him put together. For when I say “God/Lord Jesus, I trust in You,” I hedge on my own weak and often broken trust and faith. But when I remember that “God absolutely trusts me,” I hedge on God’s infallible Word through Mary’s lips.

Lord, I am afraid; the task You have given me, this cross, seems so hard, so painful. It is so hard to say that I trust in You, because it’s a lie! I am too weak, too wretched; I have broken my word so often; how can I even trust my own words?! But You say to me through Mary, “In you, I place My absolute trust.” Then I am filled with courage and strength.

You never lie, and You are never mistaken; if you say You trust someone, then that person is truly worthy of trust, no matter how weak he seems. And yes, he is truly weak; but now he is truly trustworthy, for You will never let Your own words be put to shame! Though he is truly weak, you let him be filled and surrounded by all Your grace and power, with all the saints and angels at his beckoning. Though he feels it not, he is now the perfect person at the perfect place at the perfect time to do Your will, for all Your works are perfect. But even whether that person will use all that help or not, to trust Your Trust or not, You leave it all to him; that is how absolute Your trust is on him.

Therefore I will use that trust. I will never trust myself, but I will trust that Trust that you have given me. The logic is inescapable: if You trust me, then all of Heaven is for me.


Thank you very much for posting this. I will meditate on the words often. :slight_smile:

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