God and free will

Why did God bother creating free will? It would seem obvious that given that power, man would simply abuse it. I mean, look around us and all the violence.

Without free will we would have no choice but to love and serve God. He didnt want a hoard of robots. He wanted children who can freely choose to love Him. After all isnt it better to be loved by someone who chooses to love rather then the love of a slave who has no choice?

God is perfect Virtue, Perfect Act and Wise. For God to violate His own perfection would bring on “death”…just as He warned Adam.

Therefore, it is to God’s eternal glory that He BRAVELY chose to venture into the realm of admixture…ie…a realm of limited good and potential evil and death. He did venture here, however…because He saw you and loved you before ever a thing was made.

What are you? A priceless, free creature who cleaves to Jesus Christ His Son and, by God’s grace, lives forever with God in Heaven.

For God to create toys that are without free choice…or…for Him to fool Himself into believing robots could have a loving relationship with Him…would violate God’s own “law” and bring death to Himself.

We live in a world that is collapsing into hell fire…according to Peter, James, John…and many OT Prophets…Don’t be discouraged when there is evil and death and darkness about.
Rather, be amazed at how God is loving, brave and merciful in the big picture.

God is not a cookie cutter of souls…each soul is uniquely precious. For example, we live at a time in history that puts VERY UNIQUE stress on our hearts and souls. Do you realize that for the first time in history people can access the pain and suffering of global events in the palm of their hand 24/7 days a week?

As sin increases the hearts of many will grow cold.

Cold hearts are cynical.

Cynicsm is exposure to knowledge…without wisdom.

In our time, we must limit our exposure to raw data (unnecessary hours in front of the TV soaking in the suffering of others is unwise)…and pray God for an increase of wisdom.

Because He knew it was still worth it in the end! And even now we can ask ourselves the same honest question. Would we prefer to exist in this world, with the ability to ask the very question you’re asking, with rational minds and free will, or would we prefer the alternatives: non-existence or existence without free will? I agree with God that, even in this messed up world, existence is worth it, with free will and all that it entails, for better or worse. And I trust that He’ll ultimately bring a greater good out of the worse.

Love is impossible without free will, and God desires that we love him, as he loves us.


If you would understand the answer to your question you must first know the immutability and simplicity of God. Our free will is known by him of eternity, and he wills in accordance with his knowledge. What he knows to be so is so, and so we have free will, which is otherwise known as the ability to make rational decisions (where rational does not necessarily mean of superior logic.)

Would you prefer everyone - including yourself - to be cogs in a marvellous machine? :wink:

God gave us the greatest commandments to live by, these commandments should be our greatest response to all situations in life. Our freedom to ignore these commandments gives us the choice to do evil.

God created us to share in His love and glory. He asked only one thing from us and that is to love Him back. Love is only true if it is your choice (free will). A couple getting married but one of them is being forced to love and basically a slave to their spouse. God does not wish that for us because of His love for us. That’s why we have free will, to love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength.

God bless

Priez pour pape Francois

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