God and godfather


I just created my account and this is my first post here, but I have been reading many topics for questions about the faith.

Now I want some guidance about my particular case that afflicts me for some years.
Direct to the point: My mother choses the Holy Spirit as my godfather, the priest said that’s ok and to chose someone as representative, which is my uncle.

I haven’t knowledge about nothing, but for me, if it isn’t a blasphemy is wrong at least.


I’m assuming you were Baptized as an infant. You don’t get to pick your Godparents, and honestly, you can’t really trust what your Mother says that the Priest told her about this. Likely, your Uncle is your Godfather. There was probably no sin here, but even if there was, there was no sin on your part. Godparents are not a requirement for a valid Baptism. As long as you were Baptized with the right form, “In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,” that is all that matters. Your Baptism was perfectly valid and wonderful in the eyes of Our Lord. It had no less Grace than the Baptism of a dying baby in the hospital by a nurse or my infant Baptism as a child in the Methodist Church.’



Yes. I was a baby back then.
And it isn’t trust.
I have my certified here with the signature of the father and is exactly as I said
(typed)Godfather: Divine Holy Spirit
(writed with pen)Representative: my uncle

It seems it is a custom in some parishes having saints and even Virgin Mary as godparents.


Well, don’t let it worry you at all. Your Baptism was 100% valid and the same as anyone else’s.


If its bothering you why don’t you ask the priest next time your in Confession he will clear the matter up for you, no point in having this as a worry when its not, as Our New Catholic said you were baptised correctly that is all that matters. Personally as a Convert myself I would have liked that formula for myself.


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