God and Intermediaries


I wonder how those who object strenuously to the notion of the Pope as Christ’s Vicar on Earth explain God’s tendency to select one human intermediary to disseminate His message?

To whit:

The high priest of the Temple

God seems to have a preferred track record of revelation to one of us for the enlightenment of all of us, rather than simultaneous revelation to all.

Doesn’t this square more with the Catholic papacy than with the notion of millions of speakers for an invisible church?




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Simply put, Teflon…Yes. :thumbsup:


I agree. I think that many Protestants think that “Vicar of Christ” implies that we don’t really need Christ any more since He has gone away to heaven and left the Pope in charge. It is understood to imply a very remote, impersonal Christ who no longer enters into any kind of personal contact with ordinary Christians, and to imply that the Pope is in some sense equal to Christ, or at least has all of Christ’s powers and can use them at will. I know that this is not what the Catholic Church teaches, but this is what I thought growing up in a fairly anti-Catholic Protestant environment.



I think (personally) that this is a misinterpretaion of your Christian brothers and sisters…Being born again, the term “vicar of Christ” can only seem blasphemous afterall the Spirit dwells in all who are born again , most BA’s I know don’t think that catholics look at the pope as a replacement. Many BA’s rather struggle with the worldly adoration given him in opposition to scriptural instuction!
Furthermore, they realize and experience Christ on a regular basis, there is no reason to think of the pope as a stand in!

Sheesh, in the NEW COVENANT** I thought Christ picked 12!!!**


If you believe that Christ picked 12 and provided personal revelation to each, I presume you likewise believe in the importance of apostolic succession from the 12, correct?


I can tell you that of the 12 a personal revelation was recorded to Paul (Damascus) and John (Patmos), and AFAIK not PETER :confused:


I guess you’re forgetting that little discourse in Matthew 16 where Christ says that Peter was blessed to have received a revelation from his Father in heaven. :slight_smile: Immediately after which, he received a further revelation from Christ.


Okay, but you understood my original question, right—even if you point to 12 for personal revelation from Christ, that’s not 2 billion, as Protestants would have it.

Do you believe that post-Resurrection God now speaks directly to all Christians, to all of the Elect, or some other grouping?


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