God....and other liberals

Years ago when I was still stuck in the tar pits of fundamentalism I remember passing a mainline Protestant church (which I at the time labeled “liberal” and “dead” in my mind), with the words of the thread title on their church sign. It was this weeks sermon title. It reinforced my opinion of how some people viewed God, since everyone knows God is a right-wing Republican conservative.
Age, experience, and reversion back to the Church of my youth has led me to a complete reversal of the way I remember that sermon title. Not because I believe God is a liberal or a conservative, but because of the most important fact I learned, and continue to learn:
God does not agree with me.
God is constantly challenging us to examine ourselves. It’s not about what we think is right, it’s about what God thinks is right. God is not the image we see in the mirror. He does not strive to agree with us, we have to strive to agree with Him.
Just a thought for you apologists here, especially Catholic.
“God…and other liberals”, wish I had heard the sermon after all.

I heard a sermon that explored that theme - we don’t get to invite Jesus to be our co-pilot, He’s the one in the captain’s chair. We conform to Him, not vice versa. Thanks for mentioning this because it’s so much more comforting to imagine Jesus as our best friend who’s anxious to follow US. He said, “Come, follow ME.” :thumbsup:

Thanks for sharing those great insights.

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