God and Sex


Author asks …“do we really want to make Paul our lawgiver.”?



I would much rather have St. Paul for a lawgiver than the fellow who wrote this column. There is no logic in it! Homosexuals falling “deeply, achingly in love with each other” is not a sign that God has “goofed.” It is rather a consequence of the condition of sin in the world, something that Christians understand and accept. God is not the dispenser of perversion or evil in creation.

Thanks for the link to this entirely amusing article. It has given me a good belly laugh. :smiley:


Of course this columnist doesn’t have the nerve to delve into the actual meaning of sex, or marriage. Looking into the potential for purity in sex would most definitely squash the modern outlook on life- enjoy everything as frequently and quickly as possible! Leave virtue at the door- it’s too hard.

It’s also hard to take someone seriously who is blatantly mocking Jesus- the Messiah, who shed blood for our sins. *Sigh… Makes me a little sad.


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